Ride to Victory

Cardfight!! Vanguard Ride to Victory!! (カードファイト!!ヴァンガード・ライドトゥ
ビクトリー!!) is a Nintendo 3DS game produced by FuRyu, intending to recreate the experience of playing the Cardfight!! Vanguard Trading Card Game for a handheld system. Here you will find all known information on the game compiled into one page, most of it being translated from issues of KeroKero Ace and Famitsu magazines, with some material having been recorded live at Bushiroad's various press conferences. Although an English translation of the game was being discussed back in July 2013, no new information on the translation has surfaced since that time. An ongoing translation of the game is presently being hosted on Cardfight Pro, see further down for the index.

Release Date (JPN): April 11th, 2013
Price: 5229 JPY
Official Website
Synopsis: Players create their their own original character by customizing one of six precreated bases offered by the game, and then participate in tournaments using this novice character. Ride to Victory covers the general storyline of the first season of Cardfight!! Vanguard, from Card Capital's shop tournaments up through the Japanese national championship. Although the player character generally replaces Aichi's role in the national tournament, the events of the first and second season are presumed to have already taken place before the game's events based on Ren and Leon's dialogue, and characters from both seasons make appearances. The storyline is thus set between the end of Asia Circuit and the beginning of Link Joker.

Outside of the main storyline, the player may also engage in wireless cardfights.

Character Creation & Plot "Stand up! Your avatar!"
At the start of the game, the player will be prompted to select their gender and a player character, with three designs provided for each gender. The player provides both a name and nickname for the protagonist, with each design corresponding to a unique personality and voice. In addition to voiced dialogue within the story, voice acting activates whenever the player rides, checks a trigger, or activates a limit break. The acting can be turned on and off, as well as fast-forwarded.

"This is my trump card!" / "Here I go! Stand up!!"
Hotblooded/熱血系 - "With his parka and shorts, the male protagonist has an active image. Denim hotpants and her signature hairstyle make the female protagonist a more personalized character."
Default Name: ♂ Hida Ryouta (日田リョータ) / ♀ Hanasaki Megumi (花咲メグミ)
Portrayed By: ♂ Higa Kumiko / ♀ Ueda Reina

"Just according to my calculations, trigger get!" /
Cool/クール - "With his short hair and glasses together, he has cool and clever coordination. With her Alice band and parted hairstyle, she has a cool characteristic."
Default Name: ♂ Hongou Satoru (本郷サトル) / ♀ Ninomiya Sayaka (二宮サヤカ)
Portrayed By: ♂ Morishima Shuuta / ♀ Shitaya Noriko

"...the end, already?" / "Final turn!"
Dark/ダーク - "A dark hero wearing a coat and long hair that reaches down to his back. A fluffy girly-girl atmosphere surrounds this flickering, somewhat shady girl."
Default Name: ♂ Ichijyou Kyouya (一条キョウヤ) / ♀ Tsukishiro Luna (月城ルナ)
Portrayed By: ♂ Takanohashi Tsubasa / ♀ Makiguchi Mayuki

After the creation process is complete, the player character meets the three current members of Team Q4, Aichi, Misaki and Kamui, who welcome them to Card Capital. Aichi engages the player in a tutorial fight, after which he gives them a short quiz and from their answers, recommends them one of the game's seven trial decks (TD01-TD07.) The player character then engages Morikawa in a cardfight.

The initial storyline after this starts at the shop tournament level, then proceeds to the regional and national level. Once the storyline is completed, the player can either return to the point immediately before the final battle to refight past battles around the town and tackle postgame bosses, or start the story over from the beginning with the same cards and a new character.

Outside of the storyline fights, the player can move around Fuchū city and talk to characters from the anime, sometimes cardfighting them and sometimes receiving rare cards for seeing that character's events.

This allows the player to see sides of characters that were never shown in the anime or manga. Aside from the standard tutorials that Aichi coaches the player in, the player can also engage in Mission Fights, accomplishing specific tasks within the frame of a cardfight. These put the player within a specific scripted scenario and challenge them to meet particular conditions (i.e. "Reach 100,000 power with Amon" or "Deal 6 damage in one turn") with promo cards being given out as rewards for completing the tasks.

Points earned in cardfights can be spent at Card Capital to buy packs from the in-game boxes, recreating the experience of deckbuilding, but the in-game rarities have been manipulated to be slightly different from the real world. Special Parallel cards are easier to acquire. Players can also buy entire deck recipes from the shop. There are more than twelve recipes currently known, based around specific deckbuilds like Majesty Lord Blaster or Tsukuyomi.

During cardfights, the top screen displays the field, while the bottom screen shows information about the card currently highlighted.

Card Pool
Ride to Victory features seven trial decks, from TD01: Shining Swordsman of the Sanctuary up to TD07: Descendants of the Marine Emperor. The in-game booster sets run from BT01: Descent of the King of Knights up to BT09: Clash of the Knights and Dragons, with all promo cards from before BT09 featured. Each sealed copy of Ride to Victory also comes with three promo cards, Studio TMS anime alternate artworks for Blaster Blade, Blaster Dark and Dragonic Overlord.

Anime Characters
In addition to the six original characters, at least 30 characters from the anime can be met and fought within the game. Below is a list of characters confirmed to be making an appearance, with the kind of appearance listed.
  1. Sendou Aichi - NPC, Opponent. Key card is "Blaster Blade."
  2. Kai Toshiki - NPC, Opponent. Key card is "Dragonic Overlord The End."
  3. Katsuragi Kamui - NPC, Opponent. Key card is "Asura Kaiser."
  4. Tokura Misaki - NPC, Opponent
  5. Suzugamori Ren - NPC, Opponent
  6. Nitta Shin - NPC
  7. Miwa Taishi - NPC, Opponent. Miwa cardfights with the trial decks that the player did not pick at the start, and gives them to the player for beating him.
  8. Morikawa Katsumi - NPC, Opponent. Key card is "Demonic Dragon Berserker, Yaksha."
  9. Souryuu Leon - NPC, Opponent
  10. Gillian Chen - NPC, Opponent
  11. Charlene Chen - NPC, Opponent
  12. Sendou Emi - NPC, Opponent. Key card is "Top Idol, Pacifica."
  13. Christopher Lo - NPC, Opponent
  14. Lee Hsien Loong - NPC, Opponent
  15. Fajr Ali - NPC, Opponent
  16. Osamu Kishida - NPC, Opponent 
  17. Izaki Yuuta - NPC, Opponent
During the postgame, the cast of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes become available opponents as secret bosses, and once defeated will allow the player to fight Card Capital's Sub-manager. Each of the Milky Holmes characters (named in-game as Sheryl, Nero, Elly and Cordelia) plays with more advanced versions of existing character's decks, respectively playing Majesty Lord Blaster, Dragonic Overlord the End, Dark Lord of Abyss-Stil Vampir and Musketeers. The Sub-manager plays a variation on Aichi's Platina Ezel deck.

Wireless Play
Ride to Victory allows for wireless cardfighting both locally and at a distance. Friends can also be found via friend code ("Friend Fight"), or the player can engage random wireless fights ("Guest Fight.") How the player is matched up online is determined by their rate of victory. However, there is no wireless trading.

The player's custom original character is used for wireless play, and their individual deck's performance is ranked, not the player themselves. Decks are scored both in terms of Internet Score and Game Score, comparing how well they do in fights versus human beings versus against the computer. This scoring system means that the player can change characters seamlessly and still retain their current ranking.

Password System
By entering secret passwords released in promotional materials like KeroKero Ace magazine, players can receive special PR cards, sleeves and playmats for use in-game. Below is a database of passwords, currently for the Japanese version of Ride to Victory.
From KeroKero Ace 2013 April
しえをやつのらに - Gives "PR/0040 Blaster Keroro" (KeroKero Ace 2013 March promo)
にそふえはかわ - Gives "PR/0065 Incandescent Lion, Keroro Ezel" (KeroKero Ace 2013 March promo)
わよみてやおきこ - Gives "PR/0103 Blaster Keroro Dark" (KeroKero Ace 2013 March promo)
From KeroKero Ace 2013 May
おつんえめるねふ - Gives "PR/0001 Blaster Blade" (corresponds to KeroKero Ace 2011 January promo; alternate artwork by Itou Akira, no skill)
えすよふをもの - Gives "PR/0010 Alfred Early" (Cardfight!! Vanguard Manga Volume 1 promo)
りさらうにつめね - Gives "Itou Akira-Sensei Ver." sleeves (corresponds to the second layer sleeves with artwork by Itou of Asia Circuit era Sendou Aichi and Kai Toshiki, released in an issue of KKA 2012)
そあねをゆほく - Gives "Blaster Blade Ver." playmat (corresponds to a black-and-gold playmat using Ryuutetsu's BT01/002 Blaster Blade artwork, released in an issue of KKA 2011)
From Dengeki Hobby for KIDS 2013 May
なけのちわみはる - Gives "PR/0015 Dragonic Executioner" (Cardfight Pack Vol.1 promo)
さほめろきすそ - Gives "PR/0102 Shield Knight of the Sea of Clouds"
From Card Gamers Vol.9
るんもしほおすら - Gives "CG/001 Martial Arts Sirius, Daikengo" (Card Gamers promo)
つはふまいうあせ - Gives "PR/0037 Cursed Lancer" (Anime OP2 CD "Believe in my existence" promo)
Translation Project Index
Cardfight Pro is in the process of translating Ride to Victory's story mode and game mechanics. Mission fights are currently not being covered. Below is an index of the translation.
Part 1: Card Capital & Morikawa
Part 2: Hitsue Middleschool & Izaki
Part 3: Shop Tournament Round 1
Part 4: Shop Tournament Round 2
Part 5: Shop Tournament Semifinals
Part 6: Shop Tournament Finals
Part 7: Nagisa
Part 8: Gouki
Part 9: Regional Tournament Round 1