Friday, July 6, 2018

Vanguard Zero mobile app to hit Spring 2019 for English, World Championship locations announced

Team Q4 playmat given out to those that attended Bushiroad's Anime Expo 2018 panel.
At Bushiroad's Anime Expo 2018 panel today, it was announced that the Android and iOS mobile game Cardfight!! Vanguard Zero will be launching in English Spring 2019; the Japanese edition was previously announced for Winter 2018. The app will provide players with an opportunity to relive the anime series and cardfight their rivals from anywhere in the world.

As previously announced, the autumn circuit for Vanguard will be split into separate best-of-one Premium and Standard tournaments. According to our sources on-site, participants in the Standard tournament will receive an alternate artwork print of Wingal and a Team Q4 deckbox, while participants in the Premium tournament will receive a promotional print of Lizard Soldier Conroe and a Team Striders deckbox.

The top 8 playmat for Standard will feature Blaster Blade, and the top 8 playmat for Premium will feature Chronojet Dragon Z. The tournament champions will receive promotional prints of King of Knights Alfred (Standard) and Dragonic Waterfall (Premium) and participants will also be able to get limited edition Blaster Blade sleeves at the tournaments.

The North American locations for the 2018 world championships are presented below, in chronological order. In addition to these locations, tournaments will also take place in Western Europe, South America, and Asia-Oceania.
  • Chicago - August 25~26
  • New Jersey - September 1~2
  • Toronto, Ontario - September 1~2
  • Texas - September 15~16
  • Richmond, British Columbia - September 22~23
  • Georgia - October 6~7
  • California - November 10~11
  • Hawaii - November 17~18
  • Mexico - November 24~25
The California regional will take place as part of Chara Expo 2018, featuring special guests Kitta Izumi (voice of Tokura Misaki) Mimori Suzuko (voice of Tatsunagi Suiko) Morishima Shuuta (voice of Nitta Shin) and Maeda Seiji. (Voice of Inenaga Ichirо̄, and a "Vanguard evangelist" on-stream.)

The Ultra Rare Extra Booster was also announced at the panel, simultaneous to its reveal at BCF2018 Nagoya. No English release date was given, but the set arrives in Japan October 19th.