Monday, June 4, 2018

Today's Card Analysis: Platoon Commander, Butterfly Officer

The Japanese Card of the Day for June 5th, 2018, is a Megacolony Common from V-Extra Booster 01: The Destructive Roar, Platoon Commander Butterfly Officer.
AUTO [Rearguard Circle]: When placed, [Cost: Rest this unit] choose 1 of your other rearguards, and it gets Power +10000. If you chose a rearguard, at the end of that turn, put that unit into your soul, and Countercharge 1.
Butterfly Officer is just barely above Luck Bird in base power, and requires forfeiting her boost for the turn to use her, but in exchange her skill gives on rearguard an entire trigger's worth of power and the opportunity to countercharge. Further offsetting the card's power bonus is that it sends the targeted rearguard to soul at the end of the turn, a net -1 in card advantage. To make using Butterfly's skill worthwhile, you have to time it so that the play will take away more shield than what you yourself give up by having to replace that booster next turn.

Of note is that this is Megacolony's second countercharger, after Bloody Hercules. The only other clan with multiple counterchargers at this time is Nova Grappler, which has access to Transraizer, Perfect Raizer, and Boomerang Thrower. The design plan there was that while Novas had comparatively fewer counterblast skills compared to other clans like Royal Paladin, their counterblasts were concentrated in the more-expensive Perfect Raizer. (Currently the only cards in Standard to cost CB2 are Perfect Raizer, Vortex Dragon, and Verti.) Time will tell if Megacolony is following a similar plan, but thus far their only unit to use CB is Machining Mantis.

Also of interest is that Butterfly's send-to-soul condition is in-theme with the soul-manipulating mechanics of classic Machining Megacolony. While she herself isn't a Machining unit, if the subclan follows through on its old call-from-soul plays, Butterfly could find herself becoming a staple in it. In the classic deck Machining Armor Beetle served the role of cheaply paralyzing the opponent's rearguards while simultaneously bouncing Machining Worker Ant or Little Bee back to soul so they could be superior called by Stag Beetle next turn to recycle their skills, and Butterfly could easily fulfill a similar niche.

The previous Japanese Cards of the Day were Heavy Artillery Dragon Sharangastego, and Sharp Blade Dragon Refilstego.

V-Extra Booster 01: The Destructive Roar will launch in Japan June 29th, 2018, and August 2nd for the English-speaking world. The accompanying new anime series, codenamed "Origin," began airing May 5th, with an English-subtitled simulcast on both YouTube and Crunchyroll.