Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Weekly Bites reveals: Phantom Blaster Dragon, Golden Beast Tamer, Death Anchor, and ZANBAKU to feature in Foo Fighter Booster Set

 V-Trial Deck 04: Suzugamori Ren will launch in Japan August 10th, 2018.

 The deck will include 14 types of cards, totaling 50 in all, and come with 3 Gift Markers.

The deck will include 4 copies of The Dark Dictator illustrated by Takayama Toshiaki, 1 copy of Blaster Dark illustrated by Itou Akira, and 3 copies of Blaster Dark illustrated by Lack.

V-Booster Pack 02: Strongest! Team Apex Limited 4 will launch in Japan August 31st, 2018, containing support for the clans used by Team Foo Fighter AL4: Shadow Paladin, Dark Irregulars, Pale Moon, and Murakumo. Contains VR (Vanguard Rare) SVR (Secret Vanguard Rare) and SCR (Secret Rare) cards.

Features Team AL4's trump cards: Phantom Blaster Dragon with the Force Gift for Suzugamori Ren, Golden Beast Tamer with the Accel Gift for Narumi Asaka, No Life King Death Anchor with the Protect Gift for Shinjou Tetsu, and Dueling Dragon ZANBAKU with the Accel Gift for Yahagi Kyou.

Phantom Blaster Dragon is illustrated by Miyoshi Norikatsu, who illustrated his RRR artwork in Booster Set 4: Eclipse of Illusionary Shadows seven years ago. Golden Beast Tamer is illustrated by Foo Midori, who previously illustrated her in Extra Booster 1: Comic Style Vol. 1, Death Anchor by Kondo Totesu who illustrated Vrykolakas, and ZANBAKU by Miyoshi Norikatsu who also did his illustration in Comic Style.