Sunday, May 27, 2018

Oracle Think Tank tops BM Zero tournament

On the heels of Kagerо̄ topping the 1st TraCaider CS, Oracle Think Tank found itself in first at the card shop Big Magic Zero's weekly shop tournament. 24 cardfighters joined in the competition, and Oracle Think Tank tied with Royal Paladin for the most-played clan of the event:
Clan breakdown (24 total)
8 Royal Paladin
8 Oracle Think Tank
7 Kagerо̄
1 Nova Grappler
Being less than half the size of the TraCaider CS, the results are likely not representative of the current pro scene in Japan as a whole, but it is nonetheless interesting that three of the four clans in V-Booster Set 01: Unite! Team Q4 found approximately equal representation while Nova Grappler was severely underplayed. This does reflect popular opinion on the clan post-set launch, a fact corroborated by prices, as complete Nova Grappler decks can be assembled for the currency equivalent of ~$60 just buying from singles. Although they've been subject to extreme price fluctuation in the past few days as the market struggles to stabilize, Oracle Think Tank, Royal Paladin, and Kagerо̄ are each in the range of $110~140 depending on when and where they're bought.
1st Place: Soga Hiroshi/ソガ ヒロシ
Grade 0
x1 Lozenge Magus (First Vanguard)
x4 Sphere Magus (Heal Trigger)
x4 Weather Forecaster, Miss Mist (Draw Trigger) (Sentinel)
x4 Psychic Bird (Critical Trigger)
x4 Oracle Guardian, Nike (Critical Trigger)
Grade 1
x4 Circle Magus
x4 Farfalle Magus
x3 Oracle Guardian, Gemini
x2 Luck Bird
Grade 2
x4 Silent Tom
x4 Promise Daughter
x2 Yellow Witch, MeMe
Grade 3
x4 Imperial Daughter
x3 CEO Amaterasu
x3 Victorious Deer
Soga's Oracle list is generally in line with the standard that's been taking shape in card shops across Japan for the past two days. These lists have tended towards 9~10 grade 3s due to Imperial Daughter, Amaterasu, and Deer each contributing equally to the overall win condition, cutting grade 2 space to make room and using Luck Bird for its draw effect and Gemini to countercharge. The overall objective is to build up card advantage with Circle Magus and Amaterasu's counterblasts and Imperial Daughter's on-ride skill, force the opponent to higher damage with Silent Tom's guard restriction and Imperial's additional critical, and ultimately close the game out by using Victorious Deer to power up the field by +20k and stack two Critical Triggers on top of the deck.