Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Monthly Bushiroad reveals Nova Grappler "Hero" support, previews new episodes

An anonymous user in Japan acquired the June issue of Monthly Bushiroad magazine three days early, and photographs of the issue reveal a glut of new support for the Oracle Think Tank and Nova Grappler clans in V-Booster Set 01: UNITE! TEAM Q4. The Nova Grappler support primarily focuses on having units with the "Hero" race like Extra Muscular, while the Oracle Think Tank support focuses on stacking the top card of the deck. Several of the new Oracles are designed to synergize with the newly-revealed CEO Amaterasu from the current Japanese Card of the Day profile.

For space, this month's leaks have been split into two pages:

The issue also reveals the titles and summaries of episodes three and four of the anime series, which will be airing May 19th and 26th.

Image 3: Who is the Strongest Fighter!?
The young boy fighter Katsuragi Kamui enters Card Capital looking to challenge its strongest fighter. Sendou Aichi and Kai Toshiki are nominated out of those present, and fight Kamui.
Image 4: Misaki's Secret!!
Although he was inexperienced, the change Aichi underwent because of Vanguard interests Card Capital's sales clerk, Tokura Misaki. After receiving an invitation from Aichi, Misaki challenges him to her first fight.
These episodes appear to be direct adaptations of the second and third manga chapters, "Let's Go to Card Capital!" and "A Shop Employee Fighter is Born!" which were the focus chapters for Kamui and Misaki. Those chapters also focus on some of the cards revealed in this issue, like Cup Bowler.