Friday, May 4, 2018

English Demo Caravan to begin May 29th

The English-language Cardfight!! Vanguard portal updated Tuesday with the first dates for the international Demo Caravan. Set to span over 300 locations worldwide, currently just 87 locations have been listed for the United States, with more to be posted in the coming weeks. The event will take place from May 29th to July 29th, with dates varying by location. Participants will receive a free Stardrive Dragon Start Deck; its Crested Dragon counterpart has not yet been announced for English distribution.

In addition to the 87 listings for the United States, 26 locations are listed for Europe, and 14 for Asia-Oceania. Several of Bushiroad's biggest markets are missing from the demo list, including much of the American west coast and midwest, as well as their English headquarters in Singapore. In Japan the caravan attracted over 12,000 participants within its first three weeks, finally coming to a close on April 30th. The Japanese Start Decks came with vanilla Blaster Blade promotional cards, but the English Caravan seems to instead feature Buddyfight, Weiss Schwarz, and Dragoborne promo cards.

The chase cards out of the Start Deck are the alternate-skill prints of Sage of the Arts Jauron and Stardrive Dragon, which some prefer over their Trial Deck equivalents. Although the Start Deck cards do not have the V-series symbol, they are legal under Standard format thanks to a special rule that treats them as V-series cards. For collectors, the Start Decks are currently the only available prints of Aggregate Knight Firno and Wyvern Strike Agaruda.