Thursday, April 5, 2018

V-EB01: The Destructive Roar card listing

To be updated as new cards are revealed.

Release dates: 06/29/18 (JPN) 08/03/18 (ENG)
MSRP: 300 yen per pack, 3600 yen per box (JPN)
Sneak Peak prerelease date: 07/27/18~07/29/18 (ENG)

Contains cards for Spike Brothers, Tachikaze, and Megacolony. You can build a complete deck for each clan in the set, including First Vanguards and Trigger Units.

Contains 66 types of cards; 3 Vanguard Rare, 6 Triple Rare, 9 Double Rare, 15 Single Rare, and 33 Commons. Further features 3 Special Vanguard Rare and 3 Origin Rares. Each pack contains 7 cards, 2 cards in every pack are Single Rare or higher. 1 display box contains 12 packs.

Each case contains case toppers of Poison Sickle Mutant Deity Overwhelm, Great Villain Dirty Picaro, and Absolute Ruler Gluttony Dogma. These cannot be used in Standard format.

General Seifried (V-EB01/00?)
  • Imaginary Gift: Force
  • Illustrated by HMK84
Juggernaut Maximum (V-EB01/00?)

Ravenous Dragon, Gigarex (V-EB01/00?)
  • Imaginary Gift: Accel
  • Illustrated by DaisukeIzuka

Machining Spark Hercules (V-EB01/00?)
  • Imaginary Gift: Protect
  • Illustrated by ToMo

Machining Stag Beetle (V-EB01/00?)
  • Illustrated by Tanimeso