Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Today's Card Analysis: Funnergal and Radical Knight, Anil

The Japanese cards of the day for April 19th, 2018, are Funnergal and Radical Knight, Anil. These cards are our first double feature of the Standard format, from V-Booster Set 01: UNITE! TEAM Q4.

AUTO [Rearguard Circle]: When it attacks a vanguard while boosted, by paying [Counterblast 1], soulcharge 1 and this unit gets Power +5000 until the end of that battle.
Radical Knight, Anil
CONT [Rearguard Circle]: During the battle it attacks a vanguard, this unit gets Power +3000.
Anil's skill is identical to the version found in the Stardrive Dragon Start Deck, but his base power is 1000 points higher. That base makes an importance difference, as the original Anil was becoming hard to argue for following the reveals of Allen, Marron, and Wingal. Now that Anil can reach an 11k base, he's capable of forming all-important 18k columns with 7k bases like Miru Biru. It's not exactly awe-inspiring, but it's something the grade 2s we've seen thus far aren't capable of, not even the vanillas.

Funnergal is more interesting. Effectively a substitute for Jarron, Funnergal only gains half the power but can soulcharge to fuel costs--albeit costs for units we haven't seen yet. Royal Paladin is already building its roster of soulchargers, but unlike Kagerо̄ we haven't seen any big plays that utilize the soul just yet. Beyond randomly soulcharging Blaster Blade off the top of the deck for Alfred Early, Pale Moon-style, there's little we can do with all that soul.

Whether Funnergal will earn a place in the deck is definitely in question. High Dog Breeder Akane functionally does the same thing by superior calling Pongal for their soulcharge, but Pongal only gains power if he soulcharges a Trigger Unit. (Which is more like compensation for hurting you than anything else.) Funnergal is more useful offensively, but Akane builds card advantage; however, in light of how tight space is in Royal Paladin and how much you can draw off of Allen and Marron, it may be optimal to forego Akane-Pongal entirely in favor of Funnergal paired with the 8k grade 1s.

The resulting deck would look something like this:
Grade 1
x4 Strong Knight, Runoria (Perfect Guard)
x4 Little Sage, Marron
x3 Knight Squire, Allen
x3 Wingal
Grade 2
x4 Blaster Blade
x4 Sage of Literary and Military Arts, Jarron
x3 Funnergal
The previous Japanese card of the day was the Dragon Knight, Burj.

V-Trial Deck 01: Sendou Aichi and V-TD02: Kai Toshiki will launch in Japanese May 11th, 2018, and in English June 8th, 2018. They will be accompanied by a new sleeve based on the "Imaginary Gift" design. The first Booster Set of the Standard format, V-BT 01: UNITE! TEAM Q4 will launch in Japan May 25th, 2018, and in English June 22nd, 2018. It will be accompanied by sleeves based on Dragonic Overlord and Blaster Blade.

The first Extra Booster set of Standard, V-EB01: The Destructive Roar will launch in Japan June 29th, 2018, and August 3rd for the English-speaking world. The accompanying new anime series, codenamed "Origin," will begin airing May 5th, 2018, on TV Tokyo and affiliated stations. It will be simulcast with English subtitles on YouTube and Crunchyroll.