Saturday, April 7, 2018

Nation & MiniVan clear files on sale at Vanguard Fest April 29th-30th

At this year's Japanese Great Vanguard Festival from April 29th to 30th, a new set of Mini Vanguard-themed clear files will be available for purchase. Featuring ten variations in all, each of the files is designed so that the characters on them all use a clan of the same nation, and the flag of that nation is represented on the back of each file. For example, the Zoo file features Anjou Tokoha for Neo Nectar, Fajir Ali, Lee Shenlong, and Christopher Lowe for Great Nature, then Kishida Osamu, Kawana Minami, and Wakamizu Sousuke for Megacolony. (Unlike in the core anime, Minami has previously appeared in the MiniVan shorts.)

Individual files will sell for 500 yen each. The first eight designs consist of two United Sanctuary, tow Dragon Empire, one Star Gate, one Dark Zone, one Magallanica, and one Zoo file each, with the ninth being a Vanguard circle rather than a nation flag. The tenth design is being kept secret, but it will be illustrated by MiniVan author Quily.