Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Dragabyss & Chronovisor Heritage sleeves coming to Vanguard Festival

Doctor O announced four new card sleeves during today's stream, which will be available at the 2018 Great Vanguard Festival. The new sleeve designs are Chronovisor Heritage, Dragabyss Luard, and Team Try3 and Team Q4 sleeves based on the rubber keychain designs also being distributed on-site.

Each pack consists of 73 card sleeves priced at 800 yen. This price is strictly for the event itself, and may differ if the sleeves are ever distributed by another means. Of note is that these will be among the last sleeves to bear the Vanguard G logo, as beginning in May new sleeve designs carry the logo for the 2018 anime series. (Examples can be seen on the Trial Deck 01 and 02 pages.)