Wednesday, March 21, 2018

V-TD02: Kai Toshiki card listing

Kai Toshiki
To be updated as new cards are revealed.

MSRP: 1500 yen + tax (JPN)
Release Date: 05/11/2018 (JPN) 06/08/18 (ENG)
Comes with paper playmat and First Guide for beginners.
Contains 14 types of cards, 53 in total; 34 Normal Units, 16 Trigger Units, and 3 Gift Markers
All cards are exclusive to the Trial Deck.
Each deck contains 4 perfect defense cards and 4 Blaster Blades. (1 illustrated by Itou Akira, 3 by Daisuke Izuka) Each display case contains six Trial Decks, and each Trial Deck within that case has a randomly inserted Itou Akira-signed hot stamp Gift Marker, or a signed hot stamped Dragonic Overlord.

Associated sleeves
The Crested Dragon sleeve is available by preordering TD02. (Japan-only) 70 sleeves are included.
The Kai Toshiki sleeve is available by purchasing TD02 as a 2500 yen bundle, with comes with the sleeve and Dragon Monk Gojo promo. (Japan-only) 70 sleeves are included.
The Dragonic Overlord sleeve is available by preordering TD02 at one of the participating Spring caravan demo workshops for Standard format. (Japan-only.) 53 sleeves are included.
The Imaginary Gift sleeve will be available for purchase at launch, on May 11th. (Japan-only.)

The deck will come with three Force Gift Markers, two standard and one featuring Dragonic Overlord.

Grade 0
x1 Lizard Runner, Undeux (First Vanguard)
x4 Dragon Monk, Genjou (Heal Trigger)
x4 Red Gem Carbuncle (Draw Trigger)
x4 Embodiment of Spear, Tahr (Critical Trigger)
x4 Demonic Dragon Mage, Rakshasa (Critical Trigger)
Grade 2
x4 Dragon Armored Knight
x4 Dragon Knight, Nehalem
x3 Embodiment of Shield, Rahm
Grade 1
x4 Guard Griffon (Perfect Guard)
x4 Embodiment of Armor, Bahr
x3 Dragon Monk, Gojo
x3 Dragon Knight, Burj
Grade 3
x1 Dragonic Overlord (Itou Akira art)
x3 Dragonic Overlord (DaisukeIzuka art)
x4 Crested Dragon
Dragonic Overlord (V-TD02/001)
  • Grade 3/Twin Drive!!/13000 Power - 1 Critical/No Shield/Kagerou - Flame Dragon
  • Imaginary Gift: Force
  • Activate [Vanguard/Rearguard Circle] Once per turn: [Counterblast 1] During this turn, this unit gets Power +10000.
  • Automatic [Vanguard Circle] Once per turn: When this units attack hits, you may [Counterblast 1, discard 2 cards from your hand] to Stand this unit, during this turn, it gets Drive -1.
  • Trial Deck comes with 4 copies, 1 illustrated by Itou Akira and 3 by DaisukeIzuka. 
Crested Dragon (V-TD02/00?)
  • Imaginary Gift: Force
  • First available in Start Deck 02; abilities may differ from final version.
  • Automatic [Vanguard/Rearguard Circle]: When attacking a vanguard, if you have 3 or more rearguards, during that battle, this unit gets Power +3000.
Dragon Armored Knight (V-TD02/004)
  • Automatic [Rearguard Circle]: When it attacks a vanguard, if the number of your opponent's rearguards is 3 or less, until the end of that battle this unit gets Power +5000.
  • Start Deck 02 contains an alternate version of the card which gains 3k if you have a grade 3 or greater vanguard. 
  • Automatic [Rearguard Circle]: When placed, by paying [Counterblast 2], choose 1 of your opponent's rearguards in the back row, retire it, and this unit gets Power +5000 until end of turn.
  • Demo deck version is a 9k base with 5k shield and Activate Counterblast 2 to retire an opponent's rearguard. 
  • An alternate artwork of the Start Deck version is available in Monthly Bushiroad magazine (JPN) or by buying two copies of the Trial Deck. (ENG)
Embodiment of Shield, Rahm (V-TD02/00?)
  • Start Deck 02 version is identical, but with a different background.

Embodiment of Armor, Bahr (V-TD02/00?)
  • Start Deck 02 has different background art, and is a vanilla. The Trial Deck version is expected to have a skill, as seen with Knight Squire Allen.
Guard Griffon (V-TD01/00?)

  • Continuous: Sentinel (You may only have up to 4 cards with "Sentinel" in your deck)
  • Automaic [Guardian Circle]: When placed, by paying [discard 1 card from your hand], during that battle, 1 of your units cannot be hit.
Dragon Knight, Burj (V-TD02/00?)
  • Continuous [Rearguard Circle]: During the battle that this unit attacked a vanguard, this unit gets Power +3000.
  • This is based on the version in Start Deck 02; final stats and abilities may differ.
Dragon Monk, Gojo (V-TD02/00? and VPR/000?)
  • Automatic: [Rearguard Circle]: When boosting, if the number of your rear-guards is greater than your opponent's, during this turn, the boosted unit gets Power +3000.
  • An RRR foil version is packaged with the Japanese bundle of V-TD02, and a set of 70 Kai Toshiki card sleeves. A means of obtaining them in English has yet to be announced.
  • Has 1000 more base power than the demo deck Gojo, but the skill is identical.
 Lizard Runner, Undeux (V-TD02/00? and VPR/000?)
  • Automatic: When you ride over this unit, draw 1 card.
  • A statistically identical version with a different background is available in Start Deck 02, and a hotstamped special edition is available at day 1 of the Japanese Great Vanguard Festival on April 29th, 2018.
Dragon Monk, Genjou (V-TD02/00?)
  • Heal Trigger
  • "You may only have up to 4 cards with 'Heal' in your deck."
  • First available in Start Deck 02. 
Red Gem Carbuncle (V-TD02/00?)
  • Draw Trigger
  • First available in Start Deck 02.
Embodiment of Spear, Tahr (V-TD02/00?)
  • Critical Trigger
  • First available in Start Deck 02.
Demonic Dragon Mage, Rakshasa (V-TD02/00?)
  • Critical Trigger
  • First available in Start Deck 02.