Thursday, August 6, 2015

News: Maelstrom, Tetra-Drive, Thavas to Receive Support in "Commander of Waves"

August 6th, 2015. The Japanese Cardfight!! Vanguard portal updated this morning with new images and information for the previously-announced Aqua Force clan booster, G-CB02: Commander of Waves. Like G-CB01: Academy of Divas before it, this clan booster will introduce a new mechanic, "Wave." The set will feature an evolved form of the clan's breakstride Thavas, "One Who is One With the Storm, Thavas" as well as support for the Maelstrom, Tetra-drive, and Genovious boss cards of past sets.

The clan booster will also include a reprint of the promotional card Couple Dagger Sailor. The setlist will comprise 40 cards, 39 new and one reprint; one generation rare, four triple rares, seven double rares, twelve single rares, sixteen commons, and six special parallel cards. One of these SPs will be an alternate artwork reprint of an existing card. Each sealed booster pack will contain seven cards, with two of them being guaranteed to be single rare or greater. Each sealed booster box will contain twelve packs, and retail for 3600 yen (approximately $29 US at the current exchange rate), while individual packs will cost 300 yen (~$2.50).

Worth noting is that the Nextage, Ahsha, and Altmile strides in G-BT04: Soul Strike Against the Supreme were also referred to as evolutions during the set's announcement. Commander of Waves will launch in Japan on October 23rd. No international launch date has been given as of yet.

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