Tuesday, July 21, 2015

News: Japanese Cardfight Twitter Reaches 30 Thousand Followers, Dark Quartz Dragon Leaked by Weekly Stream

Today Bushiroad's weekly Cardfight!! Vanguard livestream discussed several cards from G-BT04: Soul Strike Against the Supreme, focusing on upcoming support for Claret Sword Dragon. In addition to this, the stream discussed upcoming promotional products including a Vangarou-kun themed deck box, and a new poster for G-BT04. Doctor O also announced that official Cardfight!! Vanguard Twitter account has reached over thirty thousand followers, thanking the page's fans for their support. A recording of the livestream can be viewed below.

Doctor O gave an overview of "Supremacy Black Dragon, Aurageyser Damned," introducing the the terminology cross stride to describe Damned's ability to turn a copy of the original Aurageyser Dragon face-up. He also discussed the current card of the day "Dark Pride Dragon," and revealed its support unit "Dark Quartz Dragon." Dark Quartz's generation break 1 gives both itself and a Claret Sword Dragon vanguard +3000 power when Dark Quartz is called, and by using Dark Pride's skill it's possible to superior call Dark Quartz from the deck when Dark Pride is retired.

Dark Quartz Dragon
AUTO: Generation break 1: When this unit is placed on a rearguard circle, if you have a grade 3 or greater vanguard with "Claret Sword Dragon" in its card name, choose one of your vanguards, during this turn, this unit and that unit get Power +3000.

The latest G-BT04 poster features units from Royal Paladin, Shadow Paladin, Neo Nectar, Angel Feather, Genesis, and Gear Chronicle, several of which have yet to be properly unveiled.

Doctor O also showed off an upcoming deck box. As part of the Get! Treasure Campaign, a Vangarou-kun themed deck box will be available from events as a promotional item in Japan starting July 31st and August 2nd, and be available from TCG Station retailers beginning on August 7th. The base of the deck box has tiny black circles representing the bottom of Vangarou-kun's feet, and the back is modeled after the Friendly International Vanguard Association logo.

(Vangarou-kun deck box at 14:11, G-BT04 cards shown at 25:52.)
Thirteen thousand live viewers tuned into the stream during its run. Bushiroad's weekly information bulletins air every Tuesday evening at 8:50 PM Japanese Standard Time. They first began in late January to accommodate a new information distribution model for Cardfight!! Vanguard G, as the amount of card information covered in Monthly Bushiroad magazine decreased and was redirected to other routes of distribution. The previous week featured guest stars Enoki Junya and Hama Kento to commemorate the Japanese launch of G-Title Booster 01: Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-, while the week before covered new Machining, Celestial, and Jewel Knight support cards from G-BT04: Soul Strike Against the Supreme.

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