Thursday, July 30, 2015

News: Bushiroad Promises "Major Announcement" on Cardfight!! Online

This morning Bushiroad Inc.'s official Cardfight!! Online Twitter account tweeted a message foreshadowing a "major announcement" on July 31st. With the game having been announced over the weekend of July 4th at Anime Expo 2015 alongside statements that the game would be out within 2015, and that the open beta would begin late this year, the company's most recent tweet is fueling speculation that tomorrow may be the day of the open beta. From what is known from the Cardfight!! Online Q&A sessions, the game will only allow cards from the G-Trial and G-Booster series onward at launch, but players that want to use older cards "won't be disappointed." The game will only be available in English, but the development team intends the game to be playable worldwide without region-based restrictions.