Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Today's Card Analysis: Dark Heart Trumpeter

The English-language card of the day Dark Heart Trumpeter, one of the Blaster series support cards from LD01: The Dark “Ren Suzugamori,” which will reach the international game in just ten days' time. Illustrated by Ryuutetsu, the artist behind Darkside and Dark Bond Trumpeter from BT04 and BT12, Dark Heart trades the early game utility of Dark Bond in favor of an overall cheaper cost and higher base power, at the expense of only being usable at the mid to late stages of a fight. In the majority of Blaster decks Dark Heart will be an effective replacement for Black-winged Swordbreaker, better complementing those decks with her higher power base and ability to rapidly fill the field.

Because she requires a Blaster vanguard for her generation break to resolve, Dark Heart's primary place is with Blaster Dark “Diablo” and Phantom Blaster “Abyss.” The breakride print of Phantom Blaster Dragon requires a soulblast 3 to use, and so running the breakride is generally going to be mutually exclusive to running Dark Heart. On the other hand, the BT04 print of Phantom Blaster Dragon can use her soulblast to help fuel his retire skill, superior calling rearguards to act as sacrifices that will mitigate the retire cost, effectively trading the retire cost for a soulblast cost.

For “Abyss,” Dark Heart can easily replace Swordbreaker as a staple card in the deck. The idea behind this is to use Judgebau to superior call two copies of Dark Heart while in stride with Phantom Blaster “Abyss” as the heart, then using both Dark Heart's soulblasts to superior call a Transient Revenger Masquerade and a booster for it. While the Dark Hearts will come out at rest, the Masquerade column will be as stand, allowing an additional attack that turn.

If called to empty rearguard circles, Judgebau into Trumpeter is a net +3, the same as Swordbreaker. But unlike Swordbreaker, Trumpeter is not a dead card if drawn normally prior to this, as her generation break can be used from the hand as well, and there's no risk of accidentally emptying valuable triggers out of the deck as there are with Swordbreaker's draws. Both units should result in generally identical handsizes throughout the game so long as you don't call to three of your rearguard circles prior to using Judgebau. Calling to occupied circles is only a net neutral exchange in card advantage (+1 -1) instead of a net positive exchange (+1). Furthermore, you can conserve more advantage using Trumpeter than you can with Swordbreaker in the long-term if you use Trumpeter to superior call a copy of Pitch Black Sage Charon. While the Trumpeters cannot be sacrificed for “Abyss'” retire skill because he can only retire Revenger rearguards, they can be used to pay for the cost of the stride Phantom Blaster “Diablo.” With Charon in play, “Diablo” only requires two sacrifices to use--one Trumpeter and one Charon. Hence, Dark Heart is not just a net +3 with Judgebau, she also mitigates “Diablo” down to a net -2, conserving more cards than Swordbreaker.

On a final note, examine Dark Heart's SAMPLE image carefully; the English edition of the card misprints her race as Human rather than Angel.