Friday, June 12, 2015

News: G-BT04: Soul Strike Against the Supreme for October English Launch

The English-language Cardfight portal updated this morning with a title and release date for G-BT04: Toujin Kongeki, which was announced in Japan earlier this week. Soul Strike Against the Supreme will reach the international game on October 2nd 2015, two months after its Japanese release on August 28th. Cardfight!! Vanguard is rapidly approaching total set synchronization between its English and Japanese set releases, with the only roadblock being the staggered launch of clan and title booster sets, as well as promotional cards.

Soul Strike Against the Supreme is not a direct translation of Toujin Kongeki; the original kanji do not include 覇 Ha which has been translated as "supreme" and "sovereign" in the franchise's English-language materials. (Compare Blue Storm Supreme Dragon Glory Maelstrom; 蒼嵐竜) Moreover, the set's tagline "Do you have what it takes to stand up against supremacy?" is not found in Japanese-language materials related to the set. These additions to the English-language format allude to one of the set's featured cards, Supremacy Black Dragon Aurageyser Damned, whose Japanese name does include the 覇 Ha kanji for supremacy--but until recently was generally translated as Sovereign Black Dragon. Complicating the issue is that G-BT03: Sovereign Star Dragon also includes the same kanji for supreme, and Sovereign has been officially adapted as the English-language name of the set. Recent modifications to Crunchyroll's official subtitles of the anime series--which are supervised by Bushiroad's staff--have translated the original Aurageyser Dragon as Supremacy Black Dragon, adjusting it from its previous "Military Rule" and "Sovereign" names.

The red X marker that exists in both the Japanese and English set logos, and which was also found on both of Sovereign Star Dragon's logos, is likely another allusion to the three known Supremacy Dragons. Although once thought to be related to a symbol of Link Joker found on the Malefic Deletor trial deck, in light of Claret Sword and Aurageyser's recent involvement in the card game's ongoing storyline, as well as the presence of the X on the kanji for supreme in BT03 and the kanji for god in BT04, the connection to Shadow Paladin's rebel faction is more tangible.

Soul Strike Against the Supreme will feature the evolved forms of existing units from Generation Stride, as well as full deck support for the Genesis, Angel Feather and Megacolony clans. The set's cover card will be Chrono Dragon Nextage, and the Japanese edition will see the release of seven card sleeves, one for each clan supported by the set, sans Cray Elemental.

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