Sunday, May 3, 2015

News: Voice of Sendou Aichi Yonaga Tsubasa Married

Yonaga Tsubasa
Less than an hour ago professional voice actor and singer Yonaga "Wing" Tsubasa, the man behind the voice of Sendou Aichi, announced his marriage to actress Nishigaki Yuka on Twitter. The announcement surprised many, attracting over fifty thousand retweets within a forty minute period. Just last week Yonaga had been attending the 2015 Great Vanguard Festival.

Nishigaki Yuka
Nishigaki is not a Vanguard-related actress, and has primarily voiced supporting and background characters since 2004; readers may remember her as Kazemaru Ichirouta in Inazuma Eleven. Both actors currently work for Ken Productions. Japanese and international fans alike are congratulating Yonaga on his marriage.