Friday, May 15, 2015

News: "No Changes" on Japanese Restricted List, Monthly Bushiroad Cup to be Held in June

This morning Bushiroad of Japan issued a formal statement that following consideration of the results of the Fighter's Road 2015 Tokyo regional qualifier at this year's Great Vanguard Festival (held last month), there will be no changes made to the Fighter's Rules for the coming tournament season. This includes the "Additional Rules on the Use of Cards" section, which functions as the game's restricted list. Furthermore, Dragonic Overlord “The X” and Seeker Thing Saver Dragon have both been taken off of the Fighter's Rules watchlist, which up to now listed those cards on the official website as being potentially restricted in the future. No statistics regarding clan usage in FR2015 have been published, but the company's internal data likely parallels latent tournament results in which “The X” was virtually eradicated from tournament play, and Thing Saver's 40% stranglehold on the format broken by an influx of Phantom Blaster “Abyss” decks using “Diablo” support.
Regarding "Additional Rules Related to Card Use"
Consulting the results of "Fighter's Road 2015," there will be no changes to the "Additional Rules Related to Card Use."

In January, Bushiroad of Japan had announced Dragon Overlord “The X” and Thing Saver to be under consideration for restriction, after moving Calamity Tower Wyvern and (preemptively) Commander Laurel onto the list. Following Calamity Tower's restriction, a punctuated dropoff in Kagerou usage was observed in tournament play, and Thing Saver Dragon once again rose to dominate professional tournament results. Had the introduction of “Diablo” not given new life to the Revenger deck, Thing Saver would likely find himself restricted by this time.

In other news, Bushiroad made an announcement over the Cardfight!! Vanguard promotional twitter account this morning that the Monthly Bushiroad Cup will be held on June 6th. This team tournament will be held at Sunshine City in Tokyo, and contestants will form three-person teams to compete. As with all Bushiroad tournaments, the competition will have no entry free. All participants that stay until the closing ceremony will receive a copy of the promotional card Fiercebau, and first through third place will receive special gifts in that month's issue of Monthly Bushiroad magazine as well as specially made Fighter's Medals commemorating the tournament. The winning team will be featured in July's issue of Monthly Bushiroad. The tournament will follow a double elimination format, with each game between individual cardfighters being best-of-one and lasting no more than 20 minutes each. The Monthly Bushiroad Cup is expected to last between two and four rounds, concluding within two hours of its start time.

The Cup was was likely designed as a vanity tournament to push the magazine's brand, as Sunshine City is a high traffic entertainment center with strong exposure to the general public. The tournament will be held inside Exhibition Hall C, which is the third most expensive space to rent in the building; unit prices on the hall exceed $16000 per day.

Sunshine City, third floor, Exhibition Hall C. Original image provided by Sunshine City.