Saturday, May 2, 2015

News: Monthly Bushiroad Leaks Subclan Support for Glendios, Deletors, Seal Dragons

The latest issue of Monthly Bushiroad magazine has had its street date broken by an unspecified retailer, spoiling upcoming support in G-BT03: Sovereign Star Dragon for Link Joker's Deletor and Kagerou's Seal Dragon subclans. Only two new card skills were revealed from the set, Light Speed Cheetah and Immersion Star-vader Bohrium. These two cards are respective support for genericized Link Joker decks and Star-vader “Яeverse” decks.

Mixed Deletor Chwawos and Amon's Follower, Barmaid Grace.
The magazine provided the artwork and names of several upcoming units; Taciturn Liberator Brennius and Seal Dragon Gari Serge. Like past Seal Dragon cards Weathercloth, Rhinocloth and Brocade, Gari Serge is named for a particular fabric. "Gari" Serge is a specific variety of Serge fabric often used in children's clothes. The skills of these units have not yet been unveiled. Over the past few months Monthly Bushiroad has scaled back card reveals in favor of Bushiroad's regularly-scheduled Tuesday information bulletins. Fan reactions to the decreased importance of magazine reveals has been mixed. In the past entire clans would be revealed in the 2011-2012 issues of KeroKero Ace, but the last Monthly Bushiroad issue to reveal a multitude of cards at once was the August 2014 volume for MBT01: Neon Messiah.

Of the units teased but not unveiled, Mixed Deletor Chwawos' name is a deliberately garbled rendition of "Chaos" which is normally written is katakana as カオス Kaosu but is here written with the archaic katakana ケヰヲス Kewiwosu. For comparison, Acquire Deletor Igor's name is rendered ヰゴール Wigooru in Japanese rather than the standard イゴール  Igooru.

Light Speed Cheetah is a base 8000 power grade 2 whose skill activates when it intercepts; by locking one of its own fighters' rearguards that is not currently being attacked, Cheetah gains +10000 shield for that battle. Cheetah follows the trend of those of other special interceptors like Outlaw Shield Mac Lir from LD01: The Dark “Ren Suzugamori, and Pure Wind Jewel Knight Kymbelinus from G-BT02: Soaring Ascent of Gale & Blossom. As with those units, Cheetah's skill is not a generation break, and so can be used as early in the fight as it can be put on the table. The self-locking aspect of the cost synergizes with the new Messiah Link Jokers most of all, as the Messiah subclan relies on unlocking units to trigger card effects.

Meanwhile Immersion Star-vader Bohrium is a support card for “Ω” Glendios and Edict Star-vader Halcion. When an attack hits that Bohrium boosted, if her cardfighter has a Star-vader vanguard, her skill will allow them to check the top five cards of the deck for a “Яeverse” unit and add it to hand. By using this early game with the grade 2 Magnet Hollow, an “Ω” cardfighter can quickly add two “Яeverse” cards to hand and set up their turn 3 plays. Bohrium also helps support Glendios' new stride from Fighter's Collection 2015, Death Star-vader  “∞” Glendios.  “∞” places a card from the opponent's deck into a locked state for every “Яeverse” unit his fighter has in play; through a combination of World Line Dragon on the initial two turns with Ruin Magician on the third, and Magnet Hollow and Bohrium used in conjunction on the second, it's possible to have four “Яeverse” units prepared on the third turn. However, grade 1 space in Glendios decks is tight due to already being split between perfect defense cards, Ruin Magician and the unflipping grade 1 Praseodymium. The advent of a G-perfect defense for Link Joker in G-BT03: Sovereign Star Dragon may alleviate this, as being able to unflip damage through a G-perfect defense would take the weight of unflipping off of Praseodymium.

Next month's issue of Monthly Bushiroad magazine will include with it both black and white versions of a PR♥ISM-Duo limit break enabler for the Bermuda Triangle clan.

Images of the issue's card lore section have also revealed another card for Deletors and one for Shadow Paladin's witch subclan; Delighting Deletor Awiin and Witch of Black Pigeons Goewin.