Thursday, January 22, 2015

News: Cardfight Pack Vol.12 to Bring Nubatama Critical Trigger, Ramune and Deletor Evo

This morning several card shops that received their initial supplies of promo packs for February leaked images of the upcoming cards, with some recipients selling the cards early through eBay. Illegal sales of promo pack cards has been a continual problem for the company since the game reached the west, as unlike their Japanese counterparts, many western distributors have no scruples over breaking street dates and selling promos rather than giving them out as participation incentives. Bushiroad updated their official events page this hour to reflect the new cards.

Included in Volume 12 are Knight of Reform Ladinas, Weather Girl Ramune, Stealth Beast Tobihiko, Brawler Earthcrack Dragon, Clipping Deletor Evo and King Serpent. Prices are steadily climbing from $6 to $10 for each, as demand for early access to the promos is strong.

Tobihiko is of particular concern for professional Nubatama cardfighters, perceived by many as an essential card to the clan. Having not seen English-language support since FC02: Fighter's Collection 2014, while having both first and last had triggers for it printed in BT13: Catastrophic Outbreak, Nubatama is a clan starved for new cards and alternate trigger lineups. Previously forced to run four every trigger type, the addition of Tobihiko now gives Nubatama the option to eschew either stand or draw triggers for a more reliable one. In Japan a promo legion pair was also issued for the clan last year, and international cardfighters can expect to see that legion hit their shores later this year.