Monday, August 25, 2014

News: Miyano Mamoru to Voice Ibuki Kouji, Neon Messiah Spoilers Leaked to Twitter

Over the 25th a prescreening of the upcoming Cardfight!! Vanguard film, Neon Messiah, was held in Japan, and spoilers for the movie were leaked through Twitter by some of those attending. According to this information, the film's key antagonist Ibuki Kouji will be voiced by celebrity voice actor Miyano Mamoru, known for his past roles as Yagami Light in Death Note and Setsuna F. Seiei in Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

From these same sources, the Kagerou grade 3 Dragonic Overlord is to receive a Legion remake in the film as Dragonic Overlord the Great (ドラゴニックオーバーロード・ザ・グレート Doragonikku Oobaaroodo Za Gureeto.) His mate has not been made public. Furthermore, as Neon Messiah is stated to be a general-interest film, card effects in the movie are not gone into in-depth.

Warning: Spoilers for Neon Messiah follow. The veracity of this information cannot be wholly confirmed.
The film's protagonist is said to be Sendou Aichi, returning after his long absence this past season, while the heroine is Tokura Misaki, and Kai Toshiki serves a supporting role.

According to these leaks there are at least seven fights in the film; Leon vs Gaillard (Leon's victory), Misaki vs Christopher Lo (Misaki's victory), Katsuragi Kamui vs Philip Neve (Kamui's victory), Kai Toshiki vs Mitsusada Kenji (Kai's victory), Sendou Aichi vs Ibuki Kouji (outcome unclear; Blaster Blade is deleted by Ibuki's Wokshyz but the rest of the Royal Paladins are safe), Leon and Misaki vs Ibuki (Ibuki's victory) and Aichi vs Tatsunagi Takuto. This last fight is said to be a battle to undelete Blaster Blade, involving Aichi's power of PSY Qualia. These users did not mention the apparent finale featured in the most recent trailer, where Aichi confronts Ibuki alongside Kai, nor Ren's fight with Ibuki hinted at in the same.

The return of Takuto has come as a shock to many, as fans were under the impression that Takuto would not be returning after his departure in Link Joker. The character in general has been poorly received in the past, with his status among fans comparable to Tingle of the Legend of Zelda series. The titular Messiah are said to be a pair of grade 0 and grade 4 cards, with the 0 as the Neon Messiah. The name of the grade 4 unit is Harmonics Messiah.

Aichi and Kai allegedly sit on a bed in one scene of the film; this is likely a form of fanservice in reference to the album cover of their previous duet character song, Fate Breaker. Aichi is also said to take off his shirt for one scene.