Monday, June 9, 2014

News: VG-BT17: Blazing Perdition Set Teaser Revealed, Vortex Dragon to be Revived as "Perdition Dragon Vortex Dragonewt," Volume 2 of Cardfight!! Manga to See English Publication

Four Japanese TCG news resource and advertiser Duel Portal leaked the first visuals for the seventeenth main booster set, VG-BT17: Blazing Perdition. Set to feature cards for the Gold Paladin, Link Joker, Kagerou, Royal Paladin, Aqua Force, Granblue, Tachikaze and Narukami clans, BT17 will feature double the number of Legion Rares of the previous sets, with LR prints for the new Legion pairs "Perdition Dragon, Vortex Dragonewt" (煉獄竜 ボーテックス・ドラゴニュート Rengokuryuu Bootekkusu Doragonyuuto) paired to "Perdition Dragon, Whirlwind Dragon" (煉獄竜 ワールウインド・ドラゴン Rengokuryuu Waaruuindo Doragon) and "Bluish Flames Liberator Prominence Core" (青き炎の解放者 プロミネンスコア Aokihonoo no Riberetaa Purominensu Koa) paired to "Liberator of Oath Aglovale" (誓いの解放者 アグロヴァル Chikai no Riberetaa Agurovaru.) The set announcement comes in the aftermath of series protagonist Kai Toshiki's Blaster Blade Seeker being stolen during the Sunday morning episode of Cardfight!! Vanguard Legion Mate, prompting speculation that Kai will be going back to his Kagerou deck to wield the new Perdition Dragon units in BT17.

The set's cover cards are illustrated by Daisuke Izuka, well known for his work on the Garmore series of units, as well as Chaos Breaker Dragon and the Revenger, Raging Form Dragon. The choice of Vortex Dragon as the namesake of a new Kagerou Legion is unsurprising, given the card's history; according to the draft papers included in volume 1 of the Cardfight!! Vanguard manga, Vortex Dragon was originally going to be Kai's main grade 3.

BT17's accompanying Gold Paladin support is to feature a second grade 3 able to Legion with Aglovale, who was previously revealed as being part of a Legion pair with VG-TD16: Liberator of the Bluish Flames' boss card, Percival. Aglovale draws his origins from a minor Knight of the Round Table, Sir Agloval de Galis, who in Arthurian legend is brother to Percival and Lamorak, and the eldest son of Pellinore. BT17 will be released in Japan on August 8th, 2014.
In other news, the release of volume 2 of the Cardfight!! Vanguard manga is drawing nearer, set to go out on June 24th, and is up for preorder on Amazon. This volume will include the promo card PR-0059EN Dragonic Overlord, believed to be the alternate artwork variant by Studio TMS which was distributed in Japan with the video game Ride to Victory! The manga launched in English just over a month ago under the auspices of publisher Vertical Inc. Vertical's translation has been well-received by fans, and volume 3 is expected follow in August.