Friday, May 3, 2013

News: Bushiroad Releases Free Tournament Software

Bushiroad Inc. has begun distributing tournament organization software, to assist organizers in creating fair matchups for both singles and triples tournaments. This seems to be a move geared toward greater transparency, as by distributing their software to the public, Bushiroad is also assuring cardfighters of the fairness of the tournaments. The software has options for Swiss, Single Elimination and Double Elimination Swiss Pairings.
Interestingly, this press release is the second official mention of the anticipated WCS2013 event. As the current Challenge Cup and Team League are now in the process of progressing past the initial elimination stage, and their finals will be held in June and July, public interest in the next World Championship is building.
Bushiroad Releases Free Tournament Organization Software
Los Angeles, CA (May 2, 2013) – Bushiroad announced that they are releasing a free trading card game tournament software for PC. Bushiroad Tournament Software aims to provide tournament organizers with a smoother and faster experience for both small and large-scale tournaments.
With a laptop, tournament organizers worldwide will be able to use this software to enroll players, create pairings and calculate match results. The software is able to support both individual and team formats, in preparation for the upcoming Team League 2013 Continental Championships and World Championship 2013.
The free software is now available for download from the Cardfight!! Vanguard website.

The Cardfight!! Vanguard Team League 2013 is a three-stage, team tournament campaign running from April through July across the North American, Europe and Asia-Oceania regions.
The World Championship 2013 focuses on individual players and will be held in the latter half of 2013."