Friday, April 26, 2013

Ride to Victory Translation Part 2: Hitsue Middleschool & Izaki

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To advance the story, you need to find the next fighter in the sequence and fight them, using the L/R buttons to cycle through different points on the map. The next opponent is Izaki in Card Capital, but at this point you also have access to some of your first mission fights. Think of them as RTV's sidequests; not every character is always available at any given point, nor are all of their missions open from the start, so if you want to complete all of the side content it's better to do all of the ones that are available to you before advancing the story.

You can also choose to freefight Miwa in town. Fighting Miwa will get you trial decks other than the one that you chose at the start, with the same conditions as before that you get four copies of every card in the deck. Miwa uses decks that you don't already have, so you only need to fight him six times in all to get every deck.

Since you won against Morikawa, will you fight me next? When you're free, that is. I'll wait for you at Hitsue Middleschool.

Sounds fun. Count me in too.

Then, I'm also going.

Hitsue Middleschool

Thank you for coming. Then, let's fight right away!

Grade 0
x1 Ironclad Dragon, Shieldon  (FVG)
x1 Savage Shaman HT
x3 Black Cannon Tiger CT
x1 Pack Dragon, Tiny Rex ST
Grade 1
x1 Archbird
x2 Winged Dragon, Skyptero
x2 Savage Warrior
x3 Winged Dragon, Beamptera
Grade 2
x2 Ravenous Dragon, Megarex
x1 Vacuum Mammoth
Grade 3
x2 Tyrant, Deathrex
x2 Ravenous Dragon, Gigarex
x1 Raging Dragon, Blastsaurus
(Above are the confirmed cards that we've seen; there are around 36 cards missing from this list, but until complete data can be assembled it should give you an idea of what to expect from Izaki.)

The most dangerous setup Izaki can get out is a Deathrex vanguard line with Gigarex for rearguard attacks and a Skyptero in the rearguard. Deathrex gets +5000 power on-attack, so he'll go for 20000+ power each turn. When Deathrex's attack hits he's forced to retire a rearguard, which is where Skyptero comes in. When it moves from the field to the drop zone, Skyptero can counterblast 1 to return to the hand, negating the loss in advantage. Furthermore, when a Tachikaze rearguard goes to the drop zone, Gigarex will get +1000 power, so Izaki can use it to pick off your key 8-9000 power rearguards like Gordon or Masquerade. Blastsaurus doesn't do Izaki many favors, since while it thins the deck of a nontrigger unit, he still loses card advantage in the process and Izaki's four trigger spread isn't very useful in this deck.

Note that Izaki's AI sometimes screws up attack order when calling Beamptero or Skyptero as boosters, using unboosted lines prior to Deathrex rather than using the Beamptero/Skyptero line first. This is because he's trying to compensate for running stand triggers, but it instead ends in him retiring Beamptero/Skyptero for Deathrex's cost and losing his booster of the other line in the process, which means it only takes 5000 x 2 shield to stop both rearguard lines instead of 15000-20000 total. When he does attack correctly Izaki can either exploit the aforementioned Skyptero combo, or use Beamptero to power up another line by +3000 power, pumping Gigarex with Savage Warrior up to 210000. This is the limit of what he can do in terms of danger though, and there's not much reason for Vacuum Mammoth to be in the deck because so far nobody's found him to be using Savage King.

You're amazing! Good job.

Not bad. As expected of the one the great me is overseeing.

If you're this strong, maybe you should also participate in the shop tournament.

Come to think of it, the shop tournament is coming up.

That's right. If it's okay with you, why don't you try entering the shop tournament? I think that if you fight many kinds of people, surely you'll get stronger. I'll complete your entry for you. Let's meet up at the shop tournament.

Card Capital

You're participating in the shop tournament? Once you've finished your preparations, please tell me.
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