Tuesday, March 26, 2013

News: DAIGO Special Set, Fighter's Collection 2013 to Include Asura Kaiser Alternate Artwork

Recently a new release was unveiled, VG-DG01: DAIGO Special Set. The "set" is being produced in connection to Cardfight!! Vanguard Link Joker's fifteenth episode, to air on April 21st, which will feature the return of celebrity musician DAIGO and his character to the franchise. The Special Set will consist of a preconstructed 50-card deck containing seventeen types of card, seven of them exclusive to the Set, with three foil cards enclosed along with a rulebook and playmat, so that it will be playable right out of the box. Slated for June 1st release, the cover card is currently speculated to be a successor to DAIGO's White Dragon Knight, Pendragon, the first Royal Paladin limit break unit from EB03: Cavalry of Black Steel.

Meanwhile, preview images for VG-CF01: Fighter's Collection 2013, a special booster set containing only RRR-rarity cards, have revealed that the set will include the long-awaited Studio TMS alternate artwork for Asura Kaiser. Having first been used as a placeholder artwork for Kaiser in the Cardfight!! Vanguard TV anime, prior to the completion of Tenjin Hidetaka's card art, this is the original incarnation that viewers were first familiarized with at the franchise's 2011 debut. The set will contain a total of 35 cards, 29 reprints from previous booster and extra booster sets, and 7 cards unique to VG-FC01.