Monday, February 4, 2013

News: VG-BT11: Seal Dragons Unleashed Announcement, EB06: Dazzling Divas Information

Previews for the eleventh Japanese booster set of the Cardfight!! Vanguard trading card game, VG-BT11: Seal Dragons Unleashed have been unveiled, lighting a storm of speculation in the community. The advertisement touts the return of Kagerou, promising that complete decks for this clan along with Angel Feather and Tachikaze can be built using only cards from the upcoming set. In addition to these, Narukami, Genesis and Aqua Force will be supported by BT11.  Also promised is breakride support and a crossride for Seal Dragon, Blockade, now believed to be the titular Seal Dragon that the set will unleash.

BT11: Seal Dragons Unleashed will contain 102 cards with two reprints in them, one of which is currently believed to be Dragonic Overlord because of the previous press conference, the second of which is unknown. Like Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark, this reprint will also be packaged with Ride to Victory.

Because it is claimed that complete decks for Kagerou, Angel Feather and Tachikaze can be built using BT11 alone, and that the last time this claim was circulated was for EB04 and EB05 which reprinted their clans' respective perfect defense cards, there is speculation that the second reprint will be Barri, Archbird or Requiel, with the remaining two units being reimagined as subgroup perfect defense units in the style of Jewel Knight, Iseult. Note that BT01: Descent of the King of Knights is out of print in Japan, setting precedent for a Barri reprint.

Additional news has emerged surrounding EB06: Dazzling Divas, the second Bermuda Triangle extra booster. The set has been confirmed to introduce both crossrides and breakrides to the clan, with its cover card, Eternal Idol Pacifica, at the center of attention as the most likely candidate for the former. The new Pacifica's skills are unknown, although images of what many have called out as a forgery have been circulated repeatedly in fan circles. Said image has an R foil instead of RRR/SP, limit break placed at the bottom of the text box when it is universally placed at the top elsewhere, and Lord situated close to the top of the box instead of at the bottom. The production of such falsified images is not unprecedented, as the thriving OriCa community and fake magazine scans that have taken life on the net have shown.

Moreover, EB06 is drawing attention for having Tanihara Natsuki, a celebrated artist who has previously done work for one of Bushiroad's other properties Tantei Opera Milky Holmes, on board as an illustrator. Tanihara seems to be illustrating Bermuda Triangle's breakride unit, although the name of the card and what kind of skill it will have is not known.

EB06: Dazzling Divas is due for a March 23rd Japanese release and June 26th English release.

 2/6/2013 Update: A new image has since surfaced of Kai on the cover of BT11, along with the Blockade crossride. Parallels are being drawn to BT02: Onslaught of Dragon Souls, much as they were to BT01: Descent of the King of Knights and BT10: Triumphant Return of the King of Knights. Current speculation is that, because of his being featured on a Kagerou-focused set alongside the Blockade cover card, and because of Dragonic Overlord's reprint within the set, Kai may be converting back to the Kagerou clan.