Wednesday, February 27, 2013

News: TD10 for June 2013 Release

Bushiroad Inc. turned heads at their press conference today, with the announcement that the highly-anticipated Shadow Paladin Trial Deck will be released in Japan this June with a new artwork for Blaster Dark. Series creator Itou Akira tweeted during the broadcast to confirm that he had created the new artwork personally, as he had previously done for Blaster Blade Liberator and the original Blaster Dark.

The skills of the unit and what its final power is have not been revealed, but it is being speculated that the new Shadow Paladins will follow the current trends established by TD08 and TD09, introducing a subgroup. This is one transition that most ShadowPala cardfighters would consider difficult to screw up; even something as small as a Shadow Paladin copy of Blaster Blade Liberator would be an improvement over the original Blaster Dark.

In other news, two additional sleeves have been announced, for Leading Jewel Knight, Salome of the Royal Paladins and Dragonic Descendant of Narukami. Additionally, a special Fighters' Collection 2013 pack was announced for exclusive release during Japan's Fighter's Climax 2013 event, featuring units for Narukami, Gold Paladin and Genesis. Priced at 300 yen, the pack will uniquely sell only new units printed as RRR-rarity in units of 3 per pack.