Wednesday, December 12, 2012

News: Bushiroad Announces Unrestricted Tournament, "Planet Cray Total War"

Bushiroad Japan has just announced their first unrestricted tournament, Planet Cray Total War. Set to take place in March of 2013, the Total War is being advertised as a national-scale tournament which completely abandons the restricted list recently updated. For the duration of the tournament, the just-restricted Dragonic Overlord The End and Majesty Lord Blaster will be completely usable, as will the grade 4 Epitome of Knowledge, Silvest, who, due to the unique conditions surrounding his skills, has never been usable in a tournament above the shop level previously. Most tantalizing to many fighters is that the now-legendary Barcgal will also be usable in the Total War. Effectively resuming the pro scene that had been shut down two years prior, the tournament will help to gauge the state of the game, and will be important from a global perspective to see if the legend is still alive.

All participants will receive a Cardfight Pack Vol.8 participation prize. The tournament will be in the double elimination format standard to Bushiroad TCGs, as well as the 20 minutes commonly allotted to pros below the level of a title match. The unique rule specific to the Total War permits all units that have been distributed to be played.