Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fighter's Shoplight Submission Guidelines

Fighter's Shoplight is a subproject of Fighter's Spotlight that aims to distribute information regarding local shop and play spaces. In addition to the stores tracked down here, the section is open to reader submissions; however, to meet certain standards of quality, there are regulations and guidelines that submissions must meet.
  1. General requirements: To qualify as an acceptable submission, the store must carry the official Cardfight!! Vanguard Trading Card Game, and must have play spaces available to players. Submissions should include the name of the store, the year it was opened, the store's location, who founded it and some of its history. Stores which carry bootleg or counterfeit Cardfight!! products will not be accepted for submission.
  2. Additional information: It is also recommended but not required that if the store has a website, its URL be included in the submission. If the store receives support from Bushiroad, please include that information in the submission. Photographs of the store and/or its interior are also recommended, so that readers will get an idea of what the store will look like from the inside.
  3. Use of information: When submitting information, please understand that you will not be compensated for your submission. You will be credited for your information in the citations, but your submission will not be included as-is; it will be edited to fit the website's format before publication. It is to the editor's discretion if attached photographs or other images, will be used in the final page.
That said, please send your completed submissions to