Friday, August 17, 2012

Card Art: BT01/002 Blaster Blade

Illustration: Ryuutetsu
Design: Itou Akira
Rarity: RRR
Representing the earliest known join venture between Ryuutetsu and Itou Akira, Ryuutetsu's Blaster Blade provides one of the first looks into Cray, the United Sanctuary and the hero himself. As with many of his Paladin works, the primary color feature is blue. Blue carries a double meaning in Cardfight. Coming out of Japanese kabuki, blue primarily symbolizes mystery and evil, and is reserved for spirits and wizards. While that certainly fits its role with the Shadow Paladins, in this context the color is taken as the color of France from where the term "paladin" originates, and with Aichi. Blaster Blade's art also works in the more typical red that would be associated with passion and heroism, integrating a familiar element of the righteous.

The sky is always important to Ryuutetsu's art. It is never left empty. Here we see a clear and unclouded early morning, with a slight aura around Blade creating an effect where the dawn appears to rise up with him. The sun hangs far outside the frame, but its presence is felt throughout as it can be seen rebounding off the windows of the United Sanctuary and off of Blaster Blade's armor. Warm brush strokes on the fringes of the painting further give the impression of the sun's presence, while also providing a sense of motion and heroic action on Blaster Blade's part.

Finally, the lore used in the creation of Blaster Blade, translated by NeoArkadia;

"An elite knight of the standing army, the "Royal Paladins", of the Holy Nation of "United Sanctuary". He is a close friend and confidante to the great King of Knights, Alfred. Capable of drawing out the full potential of the powers of the sword-type weapon "Blaster Blade", which can turn "courage" into "power", and the only of the knights capable of doing so, he shares the name of the weapon he himself carries."

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Main article and sky commentary by Touya. Color and country commentary by Wolthera. Lore translation by NeoArkadia.
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