Thursday, August 16, 2012

Artist Profile: Ryuutetsu/竜徹

His previous twitter icon, Eclair.
Real Name: Unknown
Handle: Ryuutetsu/竜徹
Sex: Male
Birthday: July 12, 1982
Galleries: Grows, pixiv
Ryuutetsu is one of the original artists to work on Cardfight!! Vanguard, having been on board with the project since at least 20101. His artwork has grown to be some of the most prolific in the series, being featured prominently on both high and low-rarity cards. As a professional artist, Ryuutetsu works primarily with Photoshop CS5 and Painter 9 to create his digital paintings. His work makes use of complex cloud features, using the weather to reflect the mood of the painting.

Another of Ryuutetsu's signatures is his application of the Dutch angle to communicate tension and action inside the same painting. Ryuutetsu works primarily inside a cold palette, using warm colors only sparingly to highlight key features. One noted weakness of his art is his difficulty with darker illustration; as his Meteobreak Wizard shows, Ryuutetsu struggles to convey settings with limited light sources. Some of his more recent work with Eclair and Vermillion feature more complex lighting, showing a gradual development toward overcoming this weak point.

TD01/012 Stardust Trumpeter
BT01/002 Blaster Blade - with Itou Akira
BT01/054 Rick the Ghostie
BT02/078 Megacolony Battler A
TD04/003 Meteobreak Wizard
BT03/045 Hades Puppet Master
BT04/025 Fullbau - with Itou Akira
BT04/045 Blaster Javelin - with Itou Akira
BT04/024 Blaster Dark - with Itou Akira
BT04/060 Darkside Trumpeter
BT05/028 Stealth Dragon, Voidgelga
BT05/003 Star Call Trumpeter
TD05/008 Knight of Elegant Skills, Gareth
TD06/004 Thunderstorm Dragoon
TD06/008 Red River Dragoon
BT06/006 Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion
BT06/077 Gigantech Crusher
BT07/096 Battle Sister, Eclair
TD07/005 Marine General of Sea Roar, Argos
BT07/017 Blade Wing Reijy

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Main article, sky commentary and research by Touya. Angle, color and lighting commentary by Wolthera.
See Ryuutetsu's personal gallery.