Monday, June 18, 2012

News: World Championship 2012 Announced

This morning on Bushiroad's official English website and Facebook page, the first international championship season for Cardfight!! Vanguard was announced. Three sets of continental qualifiers are now open for North America, Asia-Oceania and Europe. These qualifiers, held in September and October, will then qualify the winners for an invitation to the national championships of those respective territories. The national champions of those areas will then proceed to the international championship held in Tokyo during December.

Participating cardfighters must be current residents of their corresponding qualifiers to participate. North American cardfighters may not participate in European qualifiers, and vice-versa. Only English-language cards may be used. Currently there are eight qualifiers in North America, one of which will be in Canada and another in Mexico; Europe by contrast has only three qualifiers, in Great Britain, France and Germany. Asia-Oceania has nine qualifiers, two in Japan, one in Singapore, one in Taiwan, one in Hong Kong, one in Malaysia, one in Indonesia, one in the Philippines and one in Australia.