Saturday, June 23, 2012

News: Fighter's Road 2012 National Finals Announced

It was announced on the Japanese Cardfight website that the Fighter's Road 2012 finals will take place on July 22nd, from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM in Akiba Square, an event space located in Chiyoda. The national convention for the Junior, Senior and Trio Class events will take place, open only to those who qualified at regional tournaments. For non-qualifiers attending there will also be side events including merchandise sales, Gold Trigger campaign exchanges and Vanguard "How to Play" classes.

As a note regarding the timing of upcoming events, the Tokyo and Hakata regionals have already taken place while Sendai's will be resolved later today (it is presently the 24th in Japan.) Sapporo's tournament will be on July 1st and Osaka on July 8th. All of these events are structured to take place on Sundays so as not to interfere with work or school. News for Tokyo, Hakata and Sendai can be expected on or around June 30th, based on when the decklists and event reports for previous tournaments have been released.

In just one month's time, Japan will see the crowning of its next two champions, and the birth of their first national team.