Saturday, May 5, 2012

Episode Guide: Asia Circuit, Ride 70: The Curtain Rises! The VF Circuit

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Spoiler warning: Asia Circuit details follow.

Story Synopsis: The episode opens at the airport, where Team Q4 is taking photos before their plane takes off. Emi is still worried about Aichi being in another country for the first time, but the plane does finally take off for Singapore.

Once in the country, Shin begins taking photos of the group, although Misaki refuses to participate--only to covertly take her own after the others have moved on. The team spends some time trying Singapore's food before checking out a nearby card shop, where they find Mitsusada Kenji of Team Caesar being called a history otaku. (Note that the posters in Singapore are for the English card game rather than the Japanese one) With the two teams meeting up once more, Team Caesar shows their juniors around, bringing them to Singapore's own cardfight university, where students majoring in Vanguard studies go to begin their careers.

Inside Kamui meets several of the students, some of whom are his own age. Chris, a Great Nature cardfighter and the leader of Team Genius' three grade-skipping 12-year-olds, quickly befriends him. As Caesar and Q4 part ways to go to their respective hotels, Aichi catches sight of Tatsunagi Takuto in his limousine, and breaks away from his friends to chase the boy all the way to the Tatsunagi corporation headquarters. He pleads with the receptionist to let him past as Takuto slips into an elevator, but as he doesn't have an appointment the security guards stop Sendou at the desk.

At the Hotel Marina, the rest of Team Q4 worries over Aichi. Kamui is surprised to find that the two individuals running the place bear an extreme resemblance to Gouki and Nagisa.

As rain becomes to come down outside the Tatsunagi spire, Kourin appears to share her umbrella with Aichi. He explains the situation with Takuto to her, after which Kourin assures him that so long as he wins at the circuit, Aichi will be able to speak with Takuto directly. As the weather clears and the two part, Kourin presents Aichi with a new card, the Incandescent Lion, Blond Eisele.

When Aichi finally rejoins the team at Marina, he immediately spreads out his deck to rebuild it in preparation for the upcoming tournament. Thinking back to her defeat in the previous episode, Misaki joins him, prompting Shin to finally bring out his briefcase of cards to help strengthen their decks.

Meanwhile at Ultra-Rare's hotel, Rekka is surprised that Kourin assisted Aichi.

The following day, Team Q4 is shocked to see that Team Genius is also in the Circuit. MC Miya announces the start of the VF Circuit on live television. Miwa watches on from Card Capital, while Shizuka and Emi see the broadcast in their own home. Takuto wonders how far Sendou will get in the tournament.

The next episode preview shows Misaki riding Goddess of the Full Moon, Tsukuyomi, Kamui riding Divine Beast, Azure Dragon, and Spirit Exceed facing off against one of them.

Today's Card was Circular Saw, Kiriel. Rekka described the unit's limit break skill.