Monday, April 16, 2012

Official Gold Paladin Translation Leaked

As seen at right, the unit that has given so many fan translators trouble is being officially named Blond Eisele. Eisele is from a short form of the name Isenhart, an Old High German surname that draws its roots back to the words for "iron" and "hardy" or "strong." This confirms the connection previously speculated on between Blond Eisele and Arthurian myth. In Le Morte D'Arthur, Sir Ironside was an antagonistic character who was persuaded by Gareth to join the Knights of the Round Table, a character connected by allegory to Vanguard's Knight of Fine Skill, Gareth. Ironside was also known as the Red Knight, just as Eisele is known as the Burning Lion and the grade 0 associated with him is the Crimson Little Lion, Cliff.