Saturday, January 14, 2012

Character pages updated, interesting things about the manga

So I've updated the FFAL4 and minor characters section of the character pages, though the line spacing looks weird for me--other people I've talked to said that it looks normal. We'll see how this turns out.

With my limited Japanese, I'm able to read some of the Vanguard manga, though not much. Interesting trivia;
  • Aichi consistently refers to Blaster Blade's counterblast as "Pinpoint Bust Burst"
  • SSD's attack/skill is called "Shining Feather Saber" (or Saver, I guess, take your pick)
  • Alfred -- Early's attack is called ブラッシュブレード. Bla...shu? Blash Blade? Blashuu Blade? I'm sure this would be easier if I knew what the kanji in the picture were. Later on Aichi attacks with Alfred and Blaster Blade together, and calls the attack ブラシュシリアルブレード which I would render "Blash Serial Blade." Maybe ブラシュ should just be romanized as "Blast..."
...though "Blast" is actually ブラスト. Sigh...

edit: I'm settling on it being "Brash Blade." Makes me appreciate Great Sword Attack a lot more.
double edit: Pinpoint Burst, not Bust.