Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Links, Censorship Catalog Updated

We have some new friends here at Vanguard US; you'll now find links to the official Vanguard websites, various distributors, other blogs and discussion forums in the sidebar. Today I've added Vanguard Japan and Vanguard English to the official links, as well as links to kumacard and That last link is a great source for current events-type information, while the official sites have listings for all cards currently in their language. Vanguard Rider is at present the best available wiki for the TCG.

For forum links, Neo Ark Cradle is a great forum for both Vanguard and Yu-Gi-Oh! fans. It's the place I trust most for translations, and most of its members are pretty friendly as a bonus. Vanguard Rider also has its own forums that tend to be more active in the buying & trading department.

In addition to this, I've gone ahead and updated the censorship catalog. Some of them are pretty minor, like with Lohengrin becoming Demon Slaying Knight(synonym, not even worth the catalog) while others turn out like...Ring Girl Clara. The most alarming change of all is Genocide Jack becoming Brutal Jack; it's fairly obvious that this is because the holocaust, Rwandan genocide and Pol Pot's killing fields are still sensitive issues, but that doesn't excuse the change. A children's card game is the worst place to look to be offended.