Saturday, October 1, 2011

Character: Usui Gai

"I'm proud to have you as my rival."
"Feel the power that's been gathered by the strongest sword of the Dimension Police!"

Usui Gai/臼井ガイ
Age: Unconfirmed
The famous "Gladiator" of Team Caesar. Gai is Yuri's brother, and Koutei's self-proclaimed bodyguard. Though he has a strong in-universe fan following, Gai is probably the least skilled of the three Caesars.

Spoiler warning: Season 1 details follow.
In the aftermath of Team Caesar's loss to AL4 at season 1's first national, Gai and his team organize a training camp with Team Q4. Observing Kai Toshiki at a distance, Usui concludes that while the boy is strong, he's not the only member of Q4 to watch out for at the next competition. True to this, Gai's match with Kamui in the national semifinals ends in his loss, and he's forced to pass the bar over to his sister.
Spoilers end here.

During the Asia Circuit, Gai reprises his role a part of Team Caesar.

Spoiler warning: Asia Circuit details follow.
Gai faces Fajr Ali in the finals of the Circuit's Singapore stage, but is defeated by the boy's powerful Lox build. Meeting up with the likewise defeated Yuri in the aftermath, he's left to watch Koutei and Christopher struggle in the third match.
Spoilers end here.

Decks and Play Style
Gai's Dimension Police deck is geared around Super Dimensional Robo, Daiyusha. He has less of an overall focus on the Enigmen line, appearing to only use the clan for its grade security, and instead gears his units toward a very traditional DP build. In addition to Cosmo Beak, he uses Enigman Shine to empower Daiyusha before making his vanguard's attack.

Rides 54-82: Gladiator (18/50 cards)
Grade 0
x1 Enigman Flow
x3 Justice Cobalt CT
x2 Cosmo Fang ST
Grade 1
x3 Cosmo Roar
x1 Karenloid Daisy
x2 Diamond Ace
Grade 2
x2 Enigman Wave
x1 Cosmo Beak
Grade 3
x2 Super Dimensional Robo, Daiyusha
x1 Enigman Shine

During the Seoul stage of the VF Circuit, Gai switches to a Dimensional Robo deck minus its crossride, instead focusing on old school Daiyusha tactics.

Rides 82-Current: Gladiator II (9/50 cards)
Grade 0 
x1 Dimensional Robo, Goyusha
x1 Army Penguin DT
Grade 1
x1 Glory Maker
x1 Diamond Ace
x1 Daimariner
Grade 2
x1 Dimensional Robo, Daidragon
x1 Cosmo Beak
Grade 3
x1 Super Dimensional Robo, Daiyusha