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Character: Lee Hsien Loong

"I won't stand to be second best!"
"I ride, Armed Instructor, Bison!"

Lee Hsien Loong/リー・シェンロン
Age: 121
Anime Biography: Team SIT Genius' number 2, Hsien Loong has been attending the Singapore Institute of Technology as a university student alongside his teammates. Like Chris and Ali, his major is in Cardfight studies. He has a strong dislike for his position as Chris' second, and works to supercede the team's captain.

Lee Hsien Loong's name is Chinese. Lee is his surname, and Hsien Loong his given name. Lee is named after the current Prime Minister of Singapore. His name has also been rendered as "Lee Shenron" and "Lee Shenlon" in subtitles; due to all three of these names being rendered identically in katakana, this can make it difficult to differentiate as to his intended name despite each of them having drastically different meanings.

Spoiler warning: Asia Circuit details follow.
Initially introduced at his home university, Hsien Loong is later seen being discussed on Singaporean television. As SIT's second best fighter, Lee is considered to be the most skilled of their lineup.

As the son of the prestigious Lee family, the expectation that Hsien Loong will one day participate in the leadership of Singapore, Asia and eventually the world itself weighs heavily on his shoulders. It's because of this pressure that Lee is driven to win at all costs, and why he identifies all cardfighters as his enemies--even his own teammates.

During SIT Genius' match with Q4, Hsien Loong is paired up against Tokura Misaki. Easily defeating her with his Bison's limit break strategy, Lee is the first to turn the tide of the round, leaving Chris to finish things.
Spoilers end here.

Decks and Play Style
Like all members of SIT Genius, Hsien Loong cardfights with a Great Nature deck. He serves as Genius' primary limit breaker, fighting with the grade 3 unit Armed Instructor, Bison. Hsien Loong's play style uses a high count of full-power early-game attacks to force damage out of his opponent, allowing him to pressure their hand earlier and gain an advantage. To support his limit break, Lee uses the Explosion Scientist, Bunta to add temporary damage for when he's unable to make use of his vanguard's skills.

Rides 74-Current: Master of Pencils (14/50 cards)
Grade 0
x1 Acorn Master (FVG)
x2 Triangle Cobra CT
x1 Ruler Chameleon CT
x1 General Cat DT
Grade 1
x2 Thumbtack Warrior, Resanori
x3 Silver Wolf
x3 Pencil Squire, Hamsuke
Grade 2
x2 Geograph Giant
x3 Lamp Camel
x2 Explosion Scientist, Bunta
Grade 3
x2 Pencil Hero, Hamsuke
x2 Armed Instructor, Bison

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