Saturday, October 1, 2011

Character: Christopher Lo

"Well, he does have a point."
"Run through the darkness, cutting down everything in your path! I ride School Hunter, Leo-pald!"

Christopher Lo/クリストファー・ロウ
Age: 121
Anime Biography: A university student and Vanguard prodigy, Chris is the captain of Team SIT Genius. As one of Singapore's up-and-coming star cardfighters, he represents a major obstacle against Q4 in the VF Circuit. Christopher majors in Cardfight studies, and skipped multiple grades to study at to the university level from a young age.

Along with Gillian and Charlene, he is currently one of the only characters of either season with a western name; as such, his name retains its western naming order even in the anime's original Japanese. In fan subtitles, his name has been mistranslated as "Chris Falo," ignoring how the name is written in Asia Circuit's credit sequences.

Spoiler warning: Asia Circuit details follow.
Chris first introduces himself to Q4 at the Singapore Institute of Technology, after a run-in with Katsuragi Kamui. Keeping his cool in spite of his teammates' brashness, Christopher later makes an appearance on TV as part of the favored team in MC Miya's breakdown for the Circuit winners.

During their initial match with Q4, Chris is paired up against his opposing team captain, Aichi. Their fight is interrupted abruptly by the appearance of Tatsunagi Takuto, who induces the two cardfighters into a vision of Cray. After briefly speaking with them, Takuto reinvigorates Aichi's PSY Qualia and endows Christopher with his own, leaving them to struggle with both their newfound powers and one another.
Spoilers end here.
Trivia: In the previews for ride 70, Chris' clothes are navy blue instead of green, and his expressions are drawn much more fiercely. By the time the actual episode aired, his design changed to that of a more calm and reserved boy.

Decks and Play Style
Chris plays with a Great Nature deck, powering up his units in the main phase before retiring them in the end phase. Of the four main Great Nature builds, Chris use Leo-Pald's, resurrecting his units with its limit break. By combining this with the Hammsuke series, Christopher adds to his hand while playing with a full field, giving him more room to guard and field additional units.

Rides 74-Current: The Nation of Zoo (24/50 cards)
Grade 0
x1 Flask Marmoset
x1 Ruler Chameleon CT
x2 Eraser Alpaca ST
x1 Dictionary Goat HT
x1 Triangle Cobra CT
Grade 1
x2 Monoculars Tiger
x1 Pencil Squire, Hamsuke
x2 Loop-the-Loop, Duckbill
x1 Cable Sheep
x2 Pencil Squire, Hammsuke
Grade 2
x2 Compass Lion
x3 Geograph Giant
x1 Binoculars Tiger
Grade 3
x2 Magnet Crocodile
x2 School Hunter, Leo-Pald

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