Saturday, October 1, 2011

Character: Bidou Kiriya

"Not in my book! You are not strong in my book!"
"I ride Darkness Magician, Robert!"

Bidou Kiriya/美童キリヤ
Age: Unconfirmed.
The captain of Team FFBS, rank 5 within the Foo Fighters. A Ren loyalist, Kiriya aspires to find his master's favor at all costs.

Spoiler warning: Season 1 details follow.
Being just one rank below Kyou in strength, Kiriya expected to receive his position when the boy was kicked out. However, the empty slot in AL4 remained unfilled, while Ren went off to gift Sendou Aichi with a Shadow Paladin deck; infuriated by Suzugamori's refusal to acknowledge him, Bidou demanded a chance to prove himself. Ren agreed that, should Kiriya defeat Sendou, he would receive the open position.

Against Sendou's PSY Qualia, Bidou is not half the fighter he claims to be. He is fast humiliated by the middleschooler's powers, while Suzugamori looks on unimpressed with the Foo Fighter's performance. Bidou receives a second chance in ride 53--if even one of his teammates can display the capacity to best AL4, Kariya will be redeemed as a Foo Fighter. However, Tetsu and Asaka put an end to these dreams.

Spoilers end here.

Universal Notes: Kiriya's surname(美童) is written with the kanji for "beautiful boy." This is most likely a developer's in-joke as to his svelte character design, and mildly effeminate behavior.

Fan Culture: Bidou tends to be portrayed as a stalker on pixiv, mindlessly attempting to please an oblivious or uncaring Suzugamori.

Decks and Playstyle
Bidou is the second Pale Moon fighter to be shown in Vanguard; unlike Asaka, his deck is built around Darkness Magician, Robert. Robert's skill is to soulcharge and check the top card of the deck, to see if it's a trigger or not--and as a secondary skill, he can send all of the opponent's grade 1 or lesser rearguards to the soul. This allows Robert to eliminate the opponent's boosting units, forcing them to spend more of their hand on filling the field.

Unfortunately, Kiriya does not have the same level of skill with the Pale Moon circus that Asaka does. In his fight with Sendou, he never even once scores a hit using Robert, thereby never making use of its second skill, and he is unable to close the vast gap in strength between him and a middleschool boy.

Rides 48-Current: Showtime (27/50 cards)
Grade 0
x1 Underworld Manager
x2 Spiral Master DT
x2 Funny Pierrot HT
x2 Rainbow Magician DT
x2 Dynamite Juggler CT
Grade 1
x1 Skull Juggler
x2 Midnight Bunny
x2 Underworld Hypnotist
x1 Darkmetal Bicorn
Grade 2
x1 Elephant Juggler
x2 Barking Cerberus
x2 Hungry Pierrot
x1 Mirror Demon
Grade 3
x2 Nightmare Doll, Alice
x4 Darkness Magician, Robert