Questions & Answers

What is Cardfight Pro?
Cardfight Pro is an organization and website dedicated to the free distribution of information on professionally-played Cardfight!! Vanguard and on the CFV franchise as a whole. Our aim is to promote communication between international players, with primary focus given to bridging the gap between Japan and the United States. We were started up in December of 2011 under the Game Set brand name, later adopting the CFPro label to better reflect the direction of the website, and we have been going strong for the two years since then. Although the site is presented through blogger, we are a blog in name only; our format more closely resembles a news publication or history archive. As of March 2013, we have adopted the SPJ Code of Ethics in our policy.

What is your update schedule?
Our regular update schedule is Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, with exceptions made for breaking news and major events. In general, the website updates from 1600 to 1900 EST. During the summer months we make an effort to update every day. Occasionally, the regular schedule is put on hold in order to give a major story more headline time, as it is important that our readership stays informed.

Who works with CFPro?
The head editor and primary author for CFPro is Touya, who is responsible for most major reporting, spotlight articles, translation and deck discussion. Alyssa also does some on-site reporting when Touya is participating in tournaments, Wolthera acts as an art consultant in our Card Art articles, Richard "rawritzrichii" is a photographer who contributes his photographs to the website on the condition that he is properly credited and that his work is not reposted without his permission, and there are a number of other consultants that act in a supervisory role in overseeing the direction of the website. Finally, readers like you make many of our stories possible by e-mailing them in to keep the community as a whole well informed, and your contributions through Patreon keep us going.

Do you follow a style guide?
Cardfight Pro follows an internal manual of style that we have periodically revised. Originally both company names, as well as publication names and other works were italicized, bold was used for emphasis and quotations are identified with quotation marks alone. (At one time quotations were both marked and italicized, and at another italics were used for emphasis.) Currently company names are not italicized, publications and works are, bold is used for emphasis and quotations are marked but not italicized.

What motivated the creation of CFPro?
The answer to this is twofold. Touya's first reason for creating the website was to help cardfighters become skilled quickly and be a resource that professional fighters could rely on. The second reason was for historical purposes. In six or seven years, much of what is currently going on in the pro scene is not going to be well recorded or preserved, and there will likely be a dearth of professionals to explain the early days of the game to new fighters. People will look back and know what decks were dominant, but they will not know what typical play of the time looked like or how fights actually played out. This has been a serious problem for past TCGs like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh!; trying to find out what the Pokemon TCG was like in 2004 is a daunting task, not because of a lack of decklists, but because there are almost no recorded professional matches. Learning about it requires tracking down actual trainers from the time and interviewing them, and surprisingly some of them have already passed away. Cardfight Pro combats this issue as it pertains to the Cardfight!! Vanguard TCG, providing historical context and an explanation of what the dominant thinking of the time was.