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With exception to non-Japanese characters, names are given surname first, given name second. As this page is still under construction, new information and characters will be added periodically. Deck names are unofficial and for convenience; triggers in lists are abbreviated as CT(Critical), DT(Draw), ST(Stand) and HT(Heal.)

1 The Setting (Anime & Manga, TCG)
2.4 Ultra-Rare
2.4.1 Tatsunagi Suiko
2.4.2 Tatsunagi Kourin
2.4.3 Tatsunagi Rekka
2.4.4 "Him"
2.5 Tatsunagi Financial Group
2.5.1 Tatsunagi Takuto 
2.6 Team SIT Genius
2.6.1 Christopher Lo
2.6.2 Lee Hsien Loong
2.6.3 Fajr Ali 
2.7 Team Dreadnought
2.7.1 Souryuu Leon
2.7.2 Gillian Chen
2.7.3 Charlene Chen
2.8 Independent Parties
2.7.1 Daigo
3 Minor Characters (Anime & Manga)
3.1 Mark Whiting
3.2 Morikawa Katsumi
3.3 Nitta Shin
3.4 Sendou Emi 
3.5 Miwa Taishi
3.6 Team Jurassic Army
3.6.1 Ryuudou Gunji
3.6.2 Ryugawa Bunji 
3.7 Underground Fighters
3.7.1 Mutsuki Jun
3.7.2 "Goldtooth" Kindou 
3.8 Team Handsome
3.8.1 Daimonji Gouki
3.8.2 Daimonji Nagisa 
3.8.3 Komatsubara "Ka-boom" Kaoru
3.8.4 Nakatsugawa Hiroshi

The Setting 
Anime and Manga: Cardfight!! Vanguard takes place in the near future, on an Earth much like our own. And like on our Earth, there a hundreds of card games, each with its own player base--as a social event, these have become deeply integrated into our daily lives. In the world of Vanguard, card games have become like a sport that helps bond people together, even being used to teach history classes and establish after school clubs. The game "Cardfight!! Vanguard" is currently just the most popular of these many games.

TCG: On the distant planet Cray, six great nations struggle for dominance and sport. United Sanctuary, Dragon Empire, Star Gate, Dark Zone, Magallanica and Zoo; within these nations reside myriad clans which defend and fight for their borders. Human beings manifest here to command and strategize for each clan, empowering vanguard and rearguard units to do battle.

Major Characters
Team Q4
A team formed in the aftermath of Shin's shop tournament, to represent Card Capital. Unusually for a competitive team, Team Q4 has four members, three main fighters and one relief. In-series their name comes from "Quadrifoglio," Italian for a four-leafed clover, but it is suspected that their name actually comes from Vanguard originally airing in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year.

Sendou Aichi/先導アイチ
Age: 15
Main article: Sendou Aichi

The protagonist, Aichi is a shy boy who used to be bullied heavily, but was taught by Kai to stand up for himself. He uses a Royal Paladin deck, which swarms the field with units that are weak individually, but strong as a whole.
Kai Toshiki/櫂トシキ
Age: 15
Main article: Kai Toshiki

A pro cardfighter who's been playing Vanguard since elementary school. Due to an enigmatic incident from one year ago, he dropped away from the competitive scene and flew under the radar for some time. He uses a dragon-based Kagerou deck, and is the one who inspired Aichi to stand up for himself.

Tokura Misaki/戸倉ミサキ
Age: 16
Main article: Tokura Misaki

A girl with perfect memory who works as a clerk at Card Capital. She has never played Vanguard before, but she learned all of the rules and cards from years of sitting behind the counter and helping customers. Probably the most tragic member of Q4. She uses a legend-based Oracle Think Tank deck, which focuses on fighting strategically with lower power units and drawing extra cards.

Katsuragi Kamui/葛木カムイ
Age: 12
Main Article: Katsuragi Kamui

One of the strongest cardfighters around in spite of his age, and a little too aware of it. Kamui is the emotional seat of Q4, and a foil to Kai's cold exterior, being ruled by passion. He's fallen for Aichi's sister, and most of his actions early in the series are driven by a desire to impress her. His deck is built around the Nova Grapplers, a clan of robots and wrestlers that focuses on standing units through card skills to make more than the normal number of attacks per turn.

Team Foo Fighter
Vanguard's primary antagonists. A combination of many different teams developed by and all working for their absolute leader, Suzugamori Ren. The Foo Fighters are a nationally-renowned team which took the competitive scene by storm last year. Within their headquarters countless fighters are trained, tested and ranked into different teams designated with "FF," and from these several fighters are selected on a bi-annual basis for use on Ren's personal competitive teams. According to ride 58, there are over 500 registered Foo Fighters.

Spoiler warning: Season 1 details follow.
The team was founded by Suzugamori Ren, Shinjou Tetsu and Kai Toshiki. This being Kai's original team from middle school, it holds a great deal of importance to him, as one of his greatest mistakes.
Spoilers end here.  

In the manga the tournaments do not exist, so the Foo Fighters are instead a violent gang that uses Vanguard Fight Gloves to induce electroshocks in any player who places damage. In the Ocean Group dub, they are instead called Team Asteroid.

Ren's Father/レンの父
Age: Unconfirmed
Antagonist and key figure in Ren's past. He believes that there are only two types of people in this world--"the losers who are laughed at, and those who laugh at them." An abusive and selfish man, he desires that his son be perfect in every way, and punishes him with ruthless physical abuse for failing to meet these expectations. So far, his appearance is exclusive to the manga.

Team FFAL4
Full name "Team Foo Fighter Apex Limited Four." This is the number 1 ranked team within the Foo Fighters, and like Team Q4, holds one relief member at all times; Ren himself.

Spoiler warning: Asia Circuit details follow.
During the VF Circuit, AL4 is refounded as Team New Apex Limited 4 (FFNAL4) with Kai swapping into Tetsu's place on the team.
Spoilers end here.

Suzugamori Ren/雀ヶ森レン
Age: 15/16
Main Article: Suzugamori Ren

Commander-in-chief of the Foo Fighters, and the national champion from last year. He is considered the greatest cardfighter of modern times, surpassing even Team Caesar's championed Koutei. 

Shinjou Tetsu/新城テツ
Age: 15/16
Main Article: Shinjou Tetsu

Founding member. Tetsu is Ren's retainer, and the closest thing he has to a friend. In spite of how his master treats him, Tetsu believes that it would be wrong to abandon his old friend, and fills the position second in command for the Foo Fighters as a whole. He uses a Dark Irregulars deck, oriented toward soulcharging many units to expend as ammunition.

Narumi Asaka/鳴海アサか 
Age: Unconfirmed 
Main Article: Narumi Asaka

The "Assassin" of AL4, Asaka numbers among Foo Fighter's most elite. She worships Ren with a passion, and flaunts her skill as a performer. She uses a Pale Moon deck, which rapidly swaps cards in and out of the soul to make multiple attacks per turn.

Yahagi Kyou/矢作キョウ
Age: Unconfirmed 
Main Article: Yahagi Kyou

Also known as "Crusher Kyou." Yahagi has little respect for his superiors and his mouth frequently gets him in trouble. His strength lies with the Spike Brothers clan, clearing units from the field to superior call others and make additional attacks.

Full name "Team Foo Fighter Brilliant Stars." This is the number 2 ranked team within the Foo Fighters. It serves as a farm for AL4's membership, as those within BS' ranks are just one step away from promotion into AL4. Despite not being the strongest team, they have a powerful fan following in the universe of Vanguard, including an official club which cheers them on at matches.

Suzugamori Ren was apparently a relief member on the group during the first national, where he attempted to orchestrate a Foo Fighter vs Foo Fighter final match.

Bidou Kiriya/美童キリヤ 
Age: Unconfirmed
Main Article: Bidou Kiriya 

Team captain of FFBS. A Ren loyalist, he uses a Pale Moon deck that favors sending the opponent's rearguards to their soul.

Miyoji Hiromi/妤ヒロミ
Age: Unconfirmed
Main Article: Miyoji Hiromi 

A Royal Paladin fighter who focuses on soulcharging units to activate skills.

Minami Harumi/南ハルミ
Age: Unconfirmed
Main Article: Minami Harumi 

A Kagerou fighter, Harumi's key vanguard is the Sealed Dragon, Blockade, preventing his opponent from intercepting. 

Mihama Ayumu/美浜アユム

Age: Unconfirmed

The only member of FFBS who has yet to fight, and the one with the least screentime. His voice actor has gone uncredited.
Team Caesar
The national championship team from two years ago. In season 1 the Caesar members fill a seniors-and-juniors dynamic with Q4, mentoring them during the conflict with the Foo Fighter. They all use the Dimensional Police clan exclusively, but each member focuses towards a different strategy than their teammates.

Mitsusada Kenji/光定ケンジ
Age: Unconfirmed
Main Article: Mitsusada Kenji

Alias "Koutei" or "The Emperor," Kenji is the leader of Team Caesar and an enthusiast of Roman history. Particularly enthralled by the life of Gaius Julius Caesar and his successor Octavian, Kenji models his conduct on them and attempts to recreate legionary strategy on his battlefield. His DP build uses Enigman Storm as a focal point, building up that unit's power before attacking to deal out extra damage.

Usui Yuri/臼井ユリ
Age: Unconfirmed
Main Article: Usui Yuri

The "Empress" of Team Caesar. While outwardly she projects an air of grace, Yuri is ruthless in her fights and has no time for pretense. She often criticizes her brother's playstyle, considering him the weak point in Caesar. Her deck uses Miracle Beauty as a rearguard, which uses its skill to stand the unit behind it when it stands as planning toward making multiple attacks.

Usui Gai/臼井ガイ
Age: Unconfirmed
Main Article: Usui Gai

Team Caesar's "Gladiator." Gai styles himself as Koutei's bodyguard, and so takes the field ahead of his teammates. His favored vanguard is the Super Dimensional Robo, Daiyusha, and like Koutei he works to reinforce his vanguard with supporting units before striking out.

An idol group comprised of three sisters that run the card shop PSY on the side. Their motives are unclear, but they appear to have a working relationship with the Foo Fighters.

Spoiler warning: Season 1 details follow.
These girls are greatly implied to be working for a third party, playing both sides in Q4 vs FF to engineer their conflict. Suiko may have had some hand in the incident one year ago.
Spoilers end here.

In the sixth volume of the Cardfight!! Vanguard manga, Kourin's surname is given as Tatsunagi Kourin. As each of the idols are related as sisters, they are presently believed to share this surname.

Tatsunagi Suiko/立凪スイコ
Age: 17
Main Article: Tatsunagi Suiko

The eldest of the sisters, and Ultra-Rare's leader. Suiko keeps her composure no matter the situation, and is rarely seen without a smile. After observing his skill, she presents Aichi early in the series with a card to power up his deck, the King of Knights, Alfred.

Tatsunagi Kourin/立凪コーリン
Age: 15
Main Article: Kourin

Ultra-Rare's primary vanguard fighter. Though loyal to her sisters, Kourin sometimes shows dissent from Suiko's methods. She uses a Royal Paladin deck.

Tatsunagi Rekka/立凪レッカ
Age: 13
Main Article: Rekka

The youngest sister, Rekka enjoys her role as an idol the most. While she doesn't have an especially high opinion of Suzugamori Ren, she is less willing than Kourin to oppose her sister.

Age: Unconfirmed
Main Article: "Him"

An implied character said to be involved with Ren and Aichi.

Tatsunagi Financial Group
A major figure in Cardfight!! Vanguard Asia Circuit, and the hosts of the titular Asia Circuit. Apparently responsible for Vanguard's international competitive scene, the Tatsunagi Group begins its Circuit in Singapore.

Tatsunagi Takuto/立凪タクト
Age: Unconfirmed
Main Article: Tatsunagi Takuto

The top of the Tatsunagi financial group and a character central to both seasons.

Team SIT Genius
A group of young prodigy cardfighters, each member is twelve years old, and skipped multiple grades to enter into the prestigious Singapore Institute of Technology. They each use variations on the Great Nature clan, a decktype that requires careful planning and long-term strategy to maximize its returns.

Christopher Lo/クリストファー・ロウ
Age: 12
Main Article: Christopher Lo

Team captain, and the most respectful of the three boys. Chris has a kind exterior, but commands his team with cold and methodical thinking. His deck uses Flask Marmoset to power up its units, then retire them in the end phase.

Lee Hsien Loong/リー・シェンロン
Age: 12
Main Article: Lee Hsien Loong

SIT Genius' number 2, Lee is a skilled but jealous cardfighter, who seeks to surpass his captain at all costs. He uses a limit break-based deck, using Explosives Scientist Bunta to temporarily add additional damage to his damage zone so he can activate Arms Instructor, Bison's skills before he would normally be allowed to.

Fajr Ali/ファジル・アリ
Age: 12
Main Article: Fajr Ali

An egotistical womanizer, Ali desires the attention of women from all across the world. Despite his immature behavior, Ali is a talented strategist who uses the Locks evolution line to draw additional cards after empowering his units and retiring them in the end phase, then replenishing the field with the Hamsuke series. Arguably wielding the team's most complex strategy, Ali nonetheless is blinded by his pride.

Team Dreadnought
A world-level team that enters in the Hong Kong stage of the Circuit. Speculated to each be the children of the Souryuu family that once ruled the world, all of its members are connected to the legendary Aqua Force.

Souryuu Leon/蒼龍レオン
Age: Unconfirmed
Main Article: Souryuu Leon

The son of a mysterious family that wields the sealed clan Aqua Force, Leon is an enigmatic wanderer guided by what he calls "the wind." Leon has a preoccupation with justice and makes his debut during the Asia Circuit, following the wind's direction.

Charlene Chen/シャーリーンチェン
Age: Unconfirmed
Main Article: Charlene Chen

One of a pair of twin sisters that appear along with Leon at the Hong Kong stage. Charlene is more soft spoken than her twin, and less ready to speak out against others.

Gillian Chen/ジリアンチェン
Age: Unconfirmed
Charlene's sister, Gillian is the more knowledgeable of the two. She's forceful compared to Charlene, and takes a leadership position when Leon's not around.

Independent Parties
Major characters not affiliated with any other group.

Age: No younger than 22
Main Article: Daigo

A legendary cardfighter who cardfights with a Royal Paladin deck, Daigo is famous all across the world for his success in the pro scene. In reality he's a transplant of real-world musician Naitō Daigo, who stars in Japan's Cardfight commercials and uses his music to promote the game.

Minor Characters

Mark Whiting (Mr. Mark) / マーク·ホワイテイング
Age: Unconfirmed

Main Article: Mark Whiting

A history teacher who immigrated from the United States, Mr. Mark is an enthusiast of Sengoku-period feudal warfare. He encourages Aichi early in the series to speak out for himself more. 

Morikawa Katsumi/森川カツミ
Age: 14/15
Main Article: Morikawa Katsumi

A schoolyard bully, and the worst fighter of season 1. Morikawa isn't one much for strategy, instead cramming as many grade 3s as possible into his deck. Later in the series he begins to stalk an older woman, the Ultra Rare group's idol, Kourin.

Nitta Shin/新田シン
Age: Unconfirmed; no younger than 25.
Main Article: Nitta Shin

Head manager of Card Capital, though he tends to trade that position with the shop cat. Shin is the uniting force for the cast, being the one who forms up Team Q4 by selecting members through his shop tournament.

Sendou Emi/先導エミ
Age: 11/12
Main Article: Sendou Emi

Aichi's younger sister, who first follows him to Card Capital out of concern. Even though she's the younger sibling, she often worries over him as if she were his senior. Eventually Emi develops an interest in Vanguard and becomes a skilled cardfighter in her own right.

Miwa Taishi/三和タイシ
Age: 15/16
Main Article: Miwa Taishi

Kai's close friend, Miwa is the only one that seems to know what changed Toshiki in years past. Although the past serves as a barrier between the two, Taishi still feels close to his old friend.

Team Jurassic Army
A professional competitive team that Q4 meets at the Japanese national tournament. The team members all use Tachikaze dinosaur decks, and are bound by strict codes of conduct.

Ryuudou Gunji/龍堂グンジ
Age: Unconfirmed
Main Article: Ryuudou Gunji

Jurassic Army's team captain, he uses a Tyrant Deathrex deck that retires units for power.

Ryuugawa Bunji
Age: Unconfirmed

Gunji's direct subordinate, he emulates Gunji's play style and appears to be some form of apprentice fighter to the man.

Underground Fighters
An disorganized society of bounty-hunting cardfighters that encourage cheating, their fights are characterized by the use of illegal ante rules to promote the gambling away of rare cards and valuables. Although the underground seen in season 1 is mainly composed of the gang members lead by "king" Jun, it's shown that there are many different environments in which these types of societies develop, in private estates hosted by wealthy individuals and in spontaneously-established circles. While gambling is illegal in Japan, the crimes are typically too petty to be investigated, leaving the underground fighters to run free in their own secret world.

Mutsuki Jun/ジュン
Age: Unconfirmed
Main Article: Mutsuki Jun

King of the underground fighters, Jun ascribes to the belief that his underworld is what drives the overworld. Unable to trust anyone but himself, he is the sole figure of authority among the underground fighters. While content with his position and influence, Jun nevertheless enjoys challenge above all else.

"Goldtooth" Kindou
Age: Unconfirmed
One of Jun's personal minions. Goldtooth is a minor fighter who bets entire decks in his fights; initially he attempts to win Kai's deck from him. However, Kindou isn't skilled enough to defeat Toshiki, and sticks to following Jun's orders of this for fear of losing face.

Team Handsome
A formidable group of cardfighters representing Shop Handsome, who participated in a past national tournament. One of the more promising candidates at regional events, the team has a pirate theme to complement its shop and its members specialize in the undead Granblue deck, tenaciously reviving their units again and again to ensure that nothing is ever lost in a fight.

Daimonji Gouki/大文字ゴウキ
Age: Unconfirmed
Main Article: Daimonji Gouki

Captain of Team Handsome, Gouki is a seasoned cardfighter who can compete at the national level. He's both a mentor and rival to Kamui, having saved him from bullies in the past and taught him that strength was more than what he sees on the outside. Easily the most skilled member of Handsome, he makes a point of learning from every fight and accepting even his losses with pride.

Daimonji Nagisa/大文字ナギサ
Age: Unconfirmed (Second grade)
Gouki's younger sister and an apprentice of his. She developed a strong crush on Kamui in the past, and has been scheming to arrange a marriage with him. In order to fulfill this wish, she underwent strict training to learn how to cardfight on a competitive level so that Kamui will take notice of her, and she's since become a core member of Handsome.

Komatsubara "Ka-boom" Kaoru
Age: Unconfirmed
The third member of Handsome and second in its standard lineup overall. Like Gouki, Kaoru utilizes a Granblue deck to help secure the team's second matchups, before the captain himself has to take the field. He lacks Gouki's polish however, and so his performance is a good deal below Nagisa and Gouki's.

Nakatsugawa Hiroshi
Age: Unconfirmed 
Handsome's fourth member, he has the lowest priority due to Nagisa taking Kaoru's place on the team.