Censorship and Changes

As Cardfight!! Vanguard is released to new territories with differing cultural values, censorship becomes the inevitable course of action to keep the game marketable. This page is to serve as a catalog of changes made to the anime, manga and TCG. Where applicable, the original art is displayed on the left, with the censored art on the right. Credit goes to Kumacard and Vanguard Rider for the images.
Table of Contents
Korea (TCG)
Singapore (Anime & TCG)
 China (Anime)

Changes in Korea
Booster Set 1

  • BT01/036 Demon Eater has had her artwork completely redrawn, effectively censoring the entire card.

  • BT01/079 Karma Queen has also been redrawn. Note that these two artworks were used in the anime before official art existed for them.

  • BT01/052 Oracle Guardian, Gemini has been redrawn to remove its Terminator face.

  • BT01/027 Lozenge Magus has had her midriff, shoulders and arms painted over, as well as her bust digitally reduced to eliminate skin exposure and sexual overtones.

  • BT01/065 Round Girl, Clara has had her bust digitally reduced and a blue jumpsuit painted over her entire torso.

  • BT01/047 Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine uses her trial deck promo card artwork as her booster set art. This has the downright bizarre effect of devaluing any Korean trial decks with her in them, as you can get the same cards from regular booster packs. However, the art has been edited to make the cloth around her breasts wider, covering more skin. A third layer has been added to her dress to cover Elaine's upper legs more extensively.

  • BT01/011 Flash Shield, Iseult has a blink-and-you-miss it case, where her upper arms have been painted over with a sloppy new armor plate, and her leggings magically lengthened to hide her legs. Her corset has been edited to be tighter(did they even realize it was a loving corset?) and her bust has also been cheaply reduced through the magic of Korean MS Paint.

  • BT01/051 Dragon Dancer Monica suffers from yet another case of Magic Leotards™.

  • BT01/080 Madame Mirage's bust has been reduced, and straps have been edited into her outfit.

  • BT01/076 Red Shoe Milly's legs were painted blue to cover up the exposed rear of her leotard, and a second ring was added to the right side of jetpack to shield the shape of her hips.
Booster Set 2

  • BT02/017 Silent Tom uses its anime art, to prevent showing Tom's ghost-date's cleavage, and to censor his use of firearms.

  • BT02/047 Cheer Girl, Tiara has more of the digital reduction going on, to the point where her breasts are now entirely covered by her cheerleader outfit.

  • BT02/020 Top Idol, Flores' midriff has been obscured by the Magical Mermaid Leotard™. How does she put that on, anyways?

  • BT02/075 Blazer Pleasures has an alternate art that completely changes their pose to obfuscate their stockings. The background is identical, but the girls have switched positions in their lineup around the leader.

  • BT02/004 Soul Saver Dragon has its breasts covered by a steel plate...the dragon? Really, Korea?

  • BT02/029 High-Dog Breeder, Akane's breasts have been digitally reduced to be less pointy and more like a Korean's, and the skin from her clavicle to the back of her ribs has been covered up by extending the length of her shirt. Also, Korea has generously given her high-rise pants, because while the rest of the world is content to contemplate their navels, Korea would prefer to be at war with them.

  • BT02/010 Cheer Girl, Marylin has been put under the standard bust-reduction techniques. On top of this, the area between her cleavage and her shoulder has been airbrushed to remove said cleavage. Her abdomen has been painted purple to censor skin exposure. At this point I'm not sure if this is fueling commentary on the oppression or promotion of feminist ideology.

  • BT02/041 Panzer Gail is--wait, p...Panzer Gail!? Well yeah, they removed the redshirt football player he was clearly about to crush. Cheating is against the moral ideologies of Korea!

Changes in Singapore
Booster Set 1
Image hosting by IMGBoot.com
  • The most alarming change is that Genocide Jack has become Brutal Jack, completely ruining that wonderful alliteration.
    Image hosting by IMGBoot.com
  • Round Girl, Clara has become Ring Girl Clara.
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  • High Speed Blackie is now Highspeed Brakki, probably to avoid association with Golliwogg/Sambo/Darky/Darlie/whathaveyou references.
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  • Demonic Dragon Mage, Raksha is now Demonic Dragon Mage, Rakshasa. The mythological meaning is the same.
  • Region Code: BT01/___EN where ___ is replaced by the card's identification number.
  • Izaki tripping Aichi is omitted from the first ride.

Changes in China 
  • None of the staff have been credited in the OP because the opening sequence is creditless. This is especially notable because a creditless opening sequence is missing from the Japanese DVDs.
  • The Mandarin dub appears to be use OKTO TV's English dub as the source, as all episode titles are in English.
  • While the title card for each episode continues to be a view of a fight mat, the view has been rotated and panned away to focus on the guard circle, showing two cards facing one another rather than a single card in a ride circle.
  • The pronunciation on some things is slightly different. For example, Wingal which has a hard G and is pronounced much like the word for a bird's wing, is in this Mandarin dub pronounced "Win-JAL."
  • ED01 has been modified, much like OP01, to remove the original credits. However, English credits replace the missing Japanese ones.
  • There are no episode previews.